Monday, November 23, 2009

This is 17 WC 2140

Link jerks awake in a cold sweat with more than a little panic in his heart. Vomiting profusely, the events of the last time he was awake slowly start to come back to him. Looking about wildly he sees that he is still in the garden underneath a makeshift lean to, then pain overwhelms him and he goes back to lying down. Less by choice and more by nessisity. Nearly in a state of collapse he wonders how long its been since he’s collapsed. The garden is still in a state of wild disrepair, eveidence of the preveiouse battle can be seen acrost the ground. Looking at the sky Link pretends that he knows it is sometime in the early afternoon but really he has no earthly idea. Not far from him he sees a tiny grave which he assumes holds the body of the little bird, “Well that was needlessly tragic”. Time continues to pass. After a bit he looks around his body. His shirt is gone, apparently they decided to use it as a tournaquit for his wounds, or a few of them at least. Over the course of his body he quickly catalouged most of the contense of his first aid kit. It’s a good think someone knew it was in his backpack. Judging from the bruises and the freshness of the bandages he couldn’t of been asleep for more than a day. Truth be told he is more than likely still supposed to be asleep. Bodies can be ornery son’s of bitches.
Giving up on lying down he tries to get up again when he hears hippy coming through the woods, “Jesus Link what the hell are you doing awake?” She rushes over to him focing him back down, doing more harm than good truth be told. Still it makes point, “God Link you got hurt so bad you shouldn’t be awake at the moment let alone trying to move”. She continues to fret about him talking frantically. She’s apparently been to his dorm room, she either didn’t find the gun or decided not to mention it. She’s apparently gone through two first aid kits getting him patched up. The combined might of her and Sara weren’t enough to move him back to civilization. She has no idea what happened to the blonde boys. They all were scrapped up while she was going back to grab more bandages.
He couldn’t really understand her rammbling monolauge. Brain still fuzzy from the pain he manages to caught just a couple of details, “Wait did you leave me with Sara?”
Hippy stops for a moment, “Yeah, look I think even she realizes she might of gone a little bit to far last night. You sure you shouldn’t be sleeping more? You only been asleep for 8 hours. After something like that I expected you to be down for at least a day or more”
Chucking a bit, “8 hours? That is the most I’ve slept in years. Increadble.”
“”Yeah but insomina is different than recovering from physical injuries right?”
Taking ten minutes or so to drag himself up on his side he looks around, “I dunno, I don’t have a major but I certainly don’t think you are pre med so I’m guessing we should just save the concern over my physical well being for later. Since I didn’t die in the middle of the night I am guessing that everything that happened to me is all superficial shit. Fortunatly, I’ve learned long ago to not let people punch me in the face so I can get on with my life without people freaking out constantly. Speaking of which, nice girlfriend you got there. What the fuck was with her cutting my face up like that” The hippy reddening a bit is apparently not ready to talk about everything that just happened, “Don’t worry about it, as you can see from my body it isn’t the first time I’ve been cut by some crazy person. A lot of what happened is really fuzzy, and I am pretty sure I, I, umm I guess went away for a little bit. Eventually I’d like to have some of the gaps filled in. I’ve apparently bruised half of my knuckes which sucks. I have a paper to type soon”
Stunned, she looks at him, “Look I don’t, I, I mean what is”
Link reaches up and affectionately pats her head, he hippies she can’t see how much pain that motion put him in, “Look so you haven’t really delt with many insidences of mass violence before in your life. Granted this one will go down as one of the worst incidences in my history, but it isn’t the worst, god what the hell happened to my chest, it feels like a chemical burn”. He sees the look on her face and realizes that a lot of things happened that night. He sighs and flops back down on his back, “Hey did I really punch Sara”
“Yeah right in the jaw, she was pissed about that, but then you’d past out and, well I threatened her with a knife and she ended up backing off. Then that wolf looking mother fucker started dragging people off in the woods. There were more of them out there, I could hear them, but they never came in the boundaries of the garden. To be honest I think even Sara was a little bit worried about dealing with the wolf looking guy. They didn’t really talk to each other, he seemed amused by the whole thing and when he left he just said, ‘until next time’ and he vanished into the forest just leaving you there. I was worried he would try to do something to you but it seemed like he got everything he needed from everything that happened.” Link looks up at her sadly. She really isn’t someone who is cut out for this sort of thing. The whole night seems to have shaken up her up profoundly. There is much she wants to talk about but something is holding her back, tangling her up. Almost absentmindly she starts fiddling with his bandages like they are some sort of safety blanket, “You know you never really talked about Sara that much. She always seemed like more of a myth than a person. When I met her along with my girlfriend, for the longest time I thought that you were crazy. That everything you had ever said about her was a lie and that you were a dangerous person. She was so sweet, and she really seemed to get me she..”
Link smiles at her, “She turned you against me, turned your world upside down, made your heart race, and when you are alone with her you feel like the most important person in the world, then when she is with someone else and you would feel this profound sense of loss. Then things kept happening she would leave little hints, and you would start to question things, and soon you find yourself agreeing to or almost agreeing to anything. Then whatever happens, happens. You aren’t the first. Since I have nothing really to say about it, you won’t be the last, sorry. Don’t feel to bad about it, she’s done worse to much better people than you”.
Somewhat mollified she smiles, “Yeah it happened something like that. I was just so happy to be back with Vanessa again and Sara was just so nice, and being busy with school I just got tangled up with all sorts of things, I don’t know. I don’t know what happened to us.”
Link nods, “Yeah from the looks of it she got her hooks pretty deep into your lady friend, Vanessa was it?”
The Hippy sniffled a bit at that, “Yeah it is pretty terrible, I don’t even know how I noticed it, and I mean at that night it was like, she was like a totally different” Link saw it coming long before it happened. Tears welling up, voice, hicking, the stress and pain of what’s happened to her over the past few days finally caught up to her and the tears burst forth from her like a great cleaning rain. She collapses on his chest, and he does his best trying to gasp and flail about in pain. The salt from her tears infliltrates his bandages and everything starts to burn. She really knows how to cry when it comes right down to it. Clawing at him she leaves red marks across white skin, then it happens again and again until once again the skin is broken and more blood flows, he thinks to himself “At this point there is more of my blood lying around this stupid garden than water”. He does his best to comfort her but being mostly unable to move hampers him. At any rate she’s gone at this point, this is going to be one of those long good solid cleansing cries that drag on forever. Idly he wonder’s what having a cry like that is like. Someday it is something he should try out. “That’s the thing about people like the hippy their whole world could end over the course of 48 hours and then at the end of it they cry and they can go on with life. She’s a strong woman when it is all said and done. She doesn’t really understand just how hard Sara was going for her. There is something special about her, something worth Sara spending all that time on her, something that drew her to me, no matter though. After a night like this she will more than likely spend weeks rebuilding her forces of darkness, and that’s assuming school doesn’t get in the way and she has to put off plans till spring. Spring. Jesus god how could things go on that long? How did things get like this, and why does she feel it necessary to beat her fists against me right on the mysterious chest wounds, god they hurt where the hell did they come from?” He suspects that, the mystery cuts will remain just that, a mystery. It’s been a long time since he’s blacked out like that and the hippy girl needs a lot to talk about.
She tires out, and eventually the sobs slow down and finnaly she is able to talk to him. She looks up from his chest, “Oh god I just opened up all your cuts again, fuck I am so sorry”
“Its already wouldn’t be the first time. Try to relax, I just took a physical beating. That will all heal with time, and ultimately it is no big deal. What you’ve gone through? A mind fuck like that just doesn’t go away, not easily at any rate. So relax, breathe, take it one moment at a time, and why don’t we start by getting these bandages changed”
Nodding quietly she wordlessly starts unpacking a first aid kit as he struggles to sit up. We watches carefully as the bandages come off wanting to get a view of what happened to him. She takes out a cotton swab along with, some hydrogen peroxide. Three minuts of rather intense burning pain passes before the wounds are finally cleaned. Three long ragged cuts about the length of a finger each streached from nipple to happy trial. Now that is something to be worried about, and in all truth they should probably be stiched closed, but the bleeding is surprisingly not bad despite everything that’s happened. There will be new scars though, great just what he needs.
Gauze pads, then a bandage, followed by an ace bandage she’s a woman who knows her first aid, “ Hey Link, I’ve been thinking. How long have you been doing this?”
“Well pretty much since 10th grade it’s been like this. That’s pretty much when Sara became the Sara she is today. She wasn’t always like that you know. I don’t know, to long, why do you ask?”
She looks around for a bit, “I don’t know I am so confused, I don’t even know what to do”
He grabs her by the shoulders, “Shhhhh look relax, what did she say to you”
“We didn’t talk to each other, not for a long time. It was after the blonde hair boys cleaned themselves up, and I started building the lean to over you she walks up to me, and when I tried to ask about what happened, she just shrugged and said to ask you. You have a lot of first aid stuff by the way…”
He nods, “Alright, I’ll tell you, but not right now. I don’t want to spend anymore time out here than I have to, so how about we get me back to civilization yeah?”

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