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NopeNo parts 7&8 WC 4515

Night. Low heavy, with a humidity that won’t quit and it’s own idea of rhythm. The night seduced away the day, leaving behind only a waded up pair of sunset color panties before returning to the scene of the crime, so that it may crow over its victory. Even the moon called in sick leaving only a black sky full of malice. Heat lighting flashed in the distance creating a scene better fitting an apocalypse rather than two people heading out looking for, fun? “Jesus why am I doing this”? Link thinks while walking over twords where hippy told him to meet her, “Everything about this smells wrong. The lady in white, the name of the bar, the night, something is going to happen. I don’t need these things to happen to me. I could just walk away, to be free from all of this, not worrying about strange occurances, or mysterious pieces of gibberish. I could just go home, read a book, tell the hippy that I got sick or something. It could be just that easy. Hell I could just go tell her that this doesn’t feel right and I don’t need this shit anymore. I got a tomorrow to worry about. Yet, and yet so does she, and she wants to go as much as I do in both senses of the word. What is she looking to get out of this”.
He sees her long before she hears him. She’s sitting on a large rock, still warm from the day’s activities, staring up at the heat lighting, book abandoned in her lap. She seems to be both lost in thought and lonely in the most profound sense of the word. As he approches her from behind she turns, eyes glittering in the strange flickering light of the night, “Link, it is going to be bad there. I can tell. You don’t have to do this”
Link nods, “I know. You don’t have to either. We could just go home and forget about all of this”
“We aren’t going to though, are we?”
Link swung his head in the universal, “Come on lets get going” way and the two of them headed off twords the car. First stop the edge of town. Then down a side road that they almost went sailing past. Then down another side road. You couldn’t miss the bar. Either side of the road had nothing but forest, and it is literally the first sign of civilization you get to see before descending back into the night. The parking lot seems packed and as they get out of the car, Link points over to the tree line and hippy is just fast enough to see a family of foxes vanishing back into the underbrush. Quickly he walks over, locking eyes with her’s, “Alright look it isn’t to late to back out, neither of us know what’s here and we could end up in a huge fucking mess. Trouble follows me, it always has and it always will. So here it is, last stop before it happens, you still in?”
She looks at him wordlessly for a bit, then walks past him towards the door. Her stride sure, and unusually unwavering. After a minute Link mutters, “This better be all for nothing, and they head inside”. In Florida smoking inside both resturants and bars is illegal. In this bar there didn’t really seem to be a single person there who gave a fuck about what the law says. The lights were low and a music blared over the speakers so shitty that a sort of sluge like noise filtered through the air instead. In the corrner a man is playing pin ball on a machine that looks as old as he is, and the whole place reeks of a stale malice. No body looks up as the come through the door, Link doubted anyone would look up if they came in shooting, or crawled in on a pile of tentacles. The place has all the life of clockwork. Stare at the TV’s, sip beer, talk occationally, order more beer when empty, sip more. So far there is nothing out of the ordinary. Quickly the two of them slink over to the corrner of the bar and after a minute the bar keep stands over them wordlessly waiting for orders. Link meets his eyes, “Scotch, on the rocks, top shelf. You want anything?” The Hippy shakes her head wordlessly and the bar keep shuffles off to get Link his drink. He didn’t bother to ask for Ids then again, with a place as remote as this the only people who know about it are probably the regulars. He returns after a minut and leaves payment in hand.
“Jesus” Link thinks to himself, “Any one of these people could be me in a few dozen years or so. Okay well not that fat guy in the overalls but for the most part. Everyone here seems to be wearing on their backs the searing brands of a life just not worth living. Many of them weren’t looking at anything, their eyes were glazed over and they were 20,000 miles away in some bar exactly like this one, in a sub tropical area, exactly like this one. It is hard to go up when you’ve forgotten where it is. This is as good as it gets for most of these people. Looking at them they both feel a profound sense of loss as they realize the potential people can be meets the reality before them.
In a way though it is Link’s kind of bar. No one has paid any attension to them Each person, lost in their own little bubble, seemed to be content to just let the world pass them by. They were the walking dead, gathered together under the basic idea that if death ever does find them all, then he will have a hard time sorting out which fate goes with which. A brilliant plan. There is also the smoking. The one dying act of rebellion which once must of coursed through their veins. The whole place smelled of faded glory and mothball dreams. Sipping his scotch quietly Link turns his attension over to the hippy. The air in here seems to be almost to the point where it is wilting her, he’s never quite seen her look so utterly crestfallen. Her head leaning forward, eyes down cast, she seems almost as if she is listening to something far in the distance, just on the edge of hearing. Something which is quickly tearing her soul apart.
Link nearly physically incapable of brightening anyone’s mood tries anyway, “Well it looks like this place might be okay after all. A little bit of a downer, but then again they don’t call them dive bars for nothing. It will be alright maybe”. Slowly she shakes her head. “Yeah I don’t know what it is but I don’t feel anything strange about this place at all, maybe I am loosing my, hey where are you go-” She abruptly gets up and stalks off to the bathroom, “Man what is with her and doing that”. He can feel the snickers along with a couple of stares from some of the other people in the bar. He ignores them though. This isn’t even a place for life, let alone fighting. Looking over he sees that most of it is coming from one table in the corner. There are nine of them, brothers from the looks of it, god they better be brothers. Otherwise they are a group of friends that has one very energetic parent. Of all the people in the bar they are the ones that seem to be the most presecent. Link knows the sort. Bullies, they rove about in packs looking for easy entertainment because they are to stupid to be bothered coming up with anything for them to do themselves. They are the sort of guys who will work you over for spilling a beer, or for laughing in their general direction. The sort of people Link has bruised his knuckles against many times before and will more than likely do so again. Their leader isn’t the largest one at the table, not by far. However, there is something about him that tells Link that he is most definatly the meanest. Even his eyes are carnivorous, peering out from behind his dirty blond hair hanging down in front of his face. He looks like he would be more at home in a mead hall somewhere drinking out of the skull of his latest foe rather than being tucked away in some dead end bar that happens to be in the middle of nowhere. Tigers have more welcoming grins, and it is all Link can do to not accept the implied challenge it offered.
Something about this place, how come he didn’t notice them before. What else is around that he isn’t noticing? Tiny pricks along the edge of his conscious begin to go off one by one. He couldn’t tell if it is a result of a natural born paranoia or something deeper and far more sinister. For the first time he notices that the images on the tv screen are all garbled, like the playboy channel is when you haven’t paid for it but you are 13 so you sit there and watch it anyway hoping for a clear shot of some nipple. Or so Link is told.
He looked down at his scotch, practically untouched and tried to listen to the conversations around him but much like the TV and the music they all blended together into an unidentifiable mass through which nothing could be clear. Nothing is clear, nothing except the laughter of the people from across the bar. Otherwise everything seems to be happening in tounges, but not the kind that the angels speak, this is a language that has its origins much further south of the horizon.
About ten minuts pass before the hippy arrives back from the bathroom. Her spirits look remarkably improved, the same way a coke head’s do after going and getting themselves a little bump to help them get through the rest of the day. She smiles as she comes back up to him, “There is much more to this place than meets the eye, do you wanna go see?”
Link grabs his scotch to go when suddenly the bar keep appears in front of him, “Sorry kid, if you are going to the back you leave that here. You can get yourself another drink once you are back there”. For someone who managed to move that fast his voice sounds rather like a mechanical doll. Nochalantly Link leaves the drink and follows along behind the hippy. She leads him past the bathrooms through a supply closet and into a store room. A neon pink arrow pointing up adorns one of the far walls illuminaing the outline of a trap door in the floor. Down the rickety ladder, they end up in a dirty looking room that was apparently going to be used as a bomb shelter which never got completed. One of the walls, still earthen has a passageway dug into it with red Christmas lights strung all the way down its length. As they head through the twisting passage the two of them start to very faintly hear music coming from somewhere. Unsuprising the closer they got the louder it got until after what seems like forever they come into a large finished room that seems to be built into a cave system.
Here is where the bar really was, that place up there had to be just a cover for all of this, and all of this is something else. Two people were doing cocain off of the outspread legs of a girl who can’t be more than 17 years old. She squeals with delight as one of them rips off her panties and they both begin to go down on her. The whole room sweats. The same sort of sweat you feel when you are in the throws of revenge fucking, the kind that drips down inner thighs intermingled with a combonation of spunk, lube, and desire. It is the sort of place where the damned know full well what the score is so they might as well rack up as many points as possible on their way down. A hidden oasis of depravity tucked away from a world that didn’t understand because if it did it would make these few acts so much less fun. A pile of men and women were all tangled up on the floor there were 7 of then or so it’s hard to tell, hands groped at each other uncaring of genders. Link could feel the heat in the back of his skull warming his lizard brain readying it for action. This is more his speed. Striding over the wriggling mass of bodies he scanned the bar quickly and ended up ordering Absinthe. As the bartender lit a lighter Link snatches it from his hand, “Traditional style, what is the matter with you. You better have some sugar cubes back there”. Smiling the bar keep prepares his drink and sets it before him waving off Link’s attempts to pay.
The hippy stood close to him almost terrified to move away from his arm, “Have you ever seen anything like this before” she asks looking up at him, eyes frightened, unsure of what to make of everything. The place is dirty, not in the traditional christian morals sense but in the face that the floor grits as you walk acrost it, unless you find one of the frequent puddles of human fluid. The walls were painted with some sort of color at one point but it has long since faded away leaving only a smudgy grey blobish pattern that people have occationally drawn on out of bordom or sport.
“Yeah quite a few times, this is a pretty intense place though. There is something stange about all of it and I am powerless against it. How about you? Are you doing alright?”
Shaking her head, “There is something here, something that I can’t quite put my finger on”. She felt the earth both above them and below. The room itself had a low ceiling it couldn’t be any taller than 7 feet, while it is large it isn’t particularly spacius. She could feel things pressing themselves in on her, things far worse than the ceiling giving out and being buried alive. Off on the left side of the room lay a series of curtains which has a small parade of bodies coming and going around them. Couples, or people breaking off into twos and threes sometimes duck back there. The whole room smells of booze and opium smoke, though she can’t seem to find a pipe anywhere. Someone had started to pester Link. She couldn’t imagine that actually going anywhere. Link being one of the most inapproachable human beings she has ever seen in her entire life. Face contantly in a scowl, heavily muscled arms covered in scars, dressed specifically in black, there is no way anyone would approche Link. She’s seen people go out of their way to avoid him, and yet there they were. Two women, one looked way to young to be there, the other had to be in her late 40s minimum were standing on either side of him, tugging at him, gesturing over to the floor. And so she sat there stunned when he leans over to her and says, “I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere”.
They get over to an empty spot on the floor before all three of them fall over on each other. The two women, naked to begin with, start to rub their hands all over him before the hippy turns away in disgust.
The barkeep walks over smiling, “Your first time? Don’t worry they all fall in the end. Here I have some soy milk in back it will ease the pain”
The hippy shakes her head, “No thanks I don’t think I could drink right now anyway”
The barkeep leans back and looks up at the ceiling smiling quietly, “The stars aren’t out tonight, you do belong here, no matter though. If you are unlucky you will end up like me. Always the outsider who gets none of the action. Take your friend for instance. He looks like someone who would break your hand for acidently brushing up against him, and now he has his face in one cunt, his fist up another, and both of them are jacking his cock like he is going to cum gold all over their faces, huh and there they go to the back rooms”. Practically snarling the hippy looks over but the curtain has already fallen back in place and he is gone. Slowly she starts to feel like she should of never of brought him here. That there is something about him something that this sort of place causes one’s dark side to ignite. Something that is made of obsidian flame. She didn’t believe in good or evil, however she did believe in forces. This place has one, and it is primal on the most fundamental of levels.


Link lets himself get swept up in an ocean of silk draperies and hastily built walls which surround matresses. It has been a long time since he’s tasted flesh. Felt the pluse of bodies up against him, intermingled with woman, letting parts of his body enter into them through a strange weeping gash that for all intents and purposes leads to an alien world with an impossible to understand mindset. He could feel the heat eminating off of the both of them. The flavors of both young and old intermingling together, mixing all the bodily fluids together creativing a primordial soup of desire through which and entirely new life form could be born. Not some horridly akward thing that stumbles on two legs and needs to be taught everything but rather a creature made of living song, or perhaps the physical manifestation of homicidal desire. The three of them pushed and writhed against each other, and somehow Link’s pants had yet to still come all the way off despite him bringing them both to orgasam simultaneously. Their conjoined moans become a chorus within a mad orchistra which ripples outwards on a creshendo of noise, muscle spasms, and the intense desires to both commit and receive sodomy. Quickly the two women recover, they both stand over Link triumphantly unirnating on him then quickly diving down to lick the golden drops off of him. He let it all happen, with a smile on his lips and a fire in his eyes which burns away any attempt at hesitation. While one locks lips with him the other teases coyly.
Eyes closed Link can feel the younger one’s cunt hovering over his cock, tiny hairs tickling its head when suddenly they are both gone. Eyes open he sees before him a beautiful woman covered head to toe in a combonation of golf body paint and purple glitter. She smiles at him revealing a row of sharp pronounced teeth that seem more suited to a carnivor than a human being. Quielty she bends down over Link, she can feel her warmth eminating off of her like a feaver, causing him to break out in a cold sweat. Suddenly things become clammy and the air is only getting hotter. She doesn’t make a sound as she drags her fingertips over his body, lightly, leaving a trail of gold where she makes contact. Then one finger nail, sharp as a razor, slices through his skin. The urine causing the cut to burn makes him grimace, but he reffues to make a sound as she continues to touch him ever so gentally. Then she lays him flat on his back, and leans down to force upon him one long, deep, thrusting kiss, which leaves nothing, unviolated. Then crouching above him she pours some gold glitter into her hand and blows it in his face.
Glitter laced with, with something. Link’s entire body seizes up. Every single joint simultaneously locks then spasams causing him to slam his head against the floor several times before he opens yet another burning cut on his forhead. Struggling to his knees, he can’t stop his muscles from becoming paralyzed, streached out to their max, before collapsing underneath him leaving Link in more of a heap than a person. The music slows down at first then accelerates to an impossible height but sounds backwards. A swarm of black bugs start to crawl out from under all of the silk wall hangings, and even through he strongly suspects they aren’t real, he can still feel their tiny legs scrabbling up him leaving dozens of little puncture wounds. Stomach locking up he can’t help but to clutch it while bending forwards. Link’s vomited before, it doesn’t hold the same crippling horror than to does for most people. His spit goes warm and he can feel is throat starting to widen. Whatever down there is coming up but it no longer feels like food. Blood streaming from his headwound and now his nose drip down on the floor in front of him and one large convulsion wracks through his body. What ever is down there has made it impossible for him to breath through his mouth and it takes all his self control not to panic as he starts to breath in and out through his nose. Another convulsion hits his body and he can feel the thing start to peek into his mouth, even through it is still down in his lungs and guts wriggling around. It’s cold. It feels like raw meat that has been left sitting out for to long, leaving a dense sickly trail of disease where ever it goes. He is dimly aware of the golden girl lauging and cheering. She is standing above him masturbating furiously. Cunt juice occationally splashes him in the face as a third convulsion causes a large part of IT, to flop out of his mouth onto the floor. What ever it is, it is solid. Still in his throat and mouth he can feel it pulsating regularly, like some horrid alien pulse that is excited to feel this brave new world. He can hear her screaming now like a banshee, as her orgasm rips through her body she ejaculates all over him. The final convultion rips through him and finnaly the thing flops out of his body and on the ground. It glistens like a side of beef, pulsing ever so slightly. Neon yellow in color, it lays before him in an impossible magisty. On his hands and knees over it, Link doesn’t have time to comprehend, before he starts vomiting, this time for real. He can still feel the black bugs crawling over him, sanity quickly slipping away, he can hear his voice being called from far off. So far, away. It didn’t help that the gold lady is shrieking, and laughing madly before him. She squats down in front of him presumably to do something and Link quickly chops her in the throat.
The vomit has cleared his head, and now that the gold lady has shut up he can hear the Hippy’s desperate calls for help. Getting to his feet he feels his strength return, almost as if it never happened. He stomps on the yellow monstrosity on his way out, calling over his shoulder, “We will talk about that later”. Before pulling up his pants and dashing off, leaving the golden lady lying on the ground gasping desperately for air.
Focus, hits like a bucket of ice water to the nuts. The walls are cheap, unconnected with the ceiling, and as Link begins to charge through them he realizes that this place is much larger than it should be. The world becomes a blur as he doesn’t even bother stepping over the tangled bodies that cross his path. it’s a shame too, up until the golden lady he was having such a nice time. Bursting out into the main room Link didn’t bother taking stock of the situation he grabbed the nearest person to the hippy girl lifted him up slaming his head into the ceiling then kicking the now limp body on its way down. That got their attension.
There were 5 of them. Now there are 4. Link hears the former group members fingers cracking like dry bones underneath his boot. Two of them are standing next to hippy their cocks out waving them near her face, while the 4th one, the forth one has a knife to her dreadlocks. This could go south very quickly. This isn’t the place to be leaving hair behind in. Link recognized the group from earlier but their strange wolf like leader wasn’t present. Growling in pure fury Link adavnces on the remaining group. There were all smaller than him. They all had long greasy blonde hair, jean vests, and none of them we very excited about taking a shower, “Alright kids, I am covered in puke, piss, and blood. I am having one hell of a strange evening and you are fucking it up. Get away from her, take your friend and get the fuck out of here”
The one with the knife kind of lets out this sick little giggle that comes deep down from somewhere in the back of his throat. Link not having time for this shit rushes twords the one on the left. Standing there with your cock out just makes you a target. Link hits him hard enough in the face to put him down but before he can hit the ground he catches the man by his dick leaving him dangling hoping to give the other three something to think about. The one with the nose ring doesn’t seem to be to keen on thinking ever, and he quickly becomes the guy who had the nose ring,. Then he became the guy who got a steel toed boot to the temple. The other cock dangler is moving. Good, Link needs a weapon. Letting him land one good solid blow is easy. He can feel the inside of his cheek grind against his teeth, and oh how the blood starts to flow. Link shifting his grip from the other guys cock to a belt, shirt combonation uses the first cock man’s body to blugeon the second down until they both become a moaning pile of limbs and suffering.
Then there were three, Link, the Hippy girl, and a man with a knife. Knife man smiles as he moves to cut her hair when Link spit’s a jet of blood straight into Knife man’s eye. He screams part in surprise, part pain, and part horror. Dropping both the knife and the hippy he in turn is dropped by Link.
The room has goes still.

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