Monday, November 1, 2010

Swizzle sticks

Well aren't we off to a great start? I totally left my notbook for the novel at home. And I think I left my pen at home too. God damnit. Oh well I have some more stuff for the outline that I would be writting out right now but instead I have to type it.

For somereason I HATE typing notes.

Okay okay, so there will be a trip to china to see a secret society of Shalin Monks. I don't know who the monks will be against directly. I am thinking the mad scientst, or maybe the devil worshiper. I can't decide right now. I am thinking mad scientist though he would be better at waxing poetic about the conflics of the past. I don't know who he will bring with him, anyone except the sommerite and the techno guy.

Oh yeah I want the monks to have all suicided.

It can't be the scientist that goes because he gets called in to check out the scene and ascertain causes of death

The leader fakes an explanation as to the fact that they all just moved super secret locations

The leader then finds out that this is the truth.

This can not be the first even it has to come later.

I also really want to do a random guy walking into their meeting He is going to kick off the dad thing for one of the charecters.

Oh and scooping souls out of coma pacients so that they can cure the erectile dysfunction of one of the charecters. Cause that is just messed up. I wonder whoes boner will be broken and the reason he will want it back? It might be the snake guy needing it after getting to the second date with someone! DONE!

I want someone somewhere to miss their dad and reunite with him. I should do that for myself.

THis whole thing might end up being really heart wrenching and sad.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is a test.

This test is here to see if my facebook is linked up with this blog too. This is only a test. But it is AWESOME.

Friday, July 30, 2010

[M&M] Session 4.5 post game

I don't really call it session five mostly because it was short and mostly because I spent half of it trying to fix a mistake I made. See here is the problem. During the previous game session I was supposed to drop a hint somehow, somewhere involving the great threat that is coming for the world of the heros. I didn't do it. I forgot to say one sentence and I ended up bolloxing up a whole bunch of stuff. So this game session I needed to establish the threat then give the players something to do. So I decided to make the focus around Jame's company and work to distinguish the differences between ShangriLa and the companies that inhabit ShangriLa. I did that a little bit and I plan on explanding on that for next game session. So the next game session will have all sorts of crap involving Jame's company too., and it will give them a chance to see what the ShangriLa secret police is all about.

This game session also marks the first time where they have actually beaten down and solidly captured a villian. This is good and I like this. I want a repeat of this for the next game session which will be more or less a direct continuation of this one. I think what I will have happen is have Sparkles show up near the end of things with her puppy and her being her. I might have them dick around for a bit. NO WAIT, she will have figgured out a way to track the Nazi's but she needs some specialized equipment that only the super science community is going to have. Mostly because it is fun and interesting. On their way to gether up parts that is when the Dolphins will show up and that is how the game session will end. Then we can pick it up next week with a knockdown drag out fight that will go across multiple maps, and a bunch of other things. I might alter the villian device rules. THe diffrenrence between just plain old disarming and knocking out a bloke works if you are a hero but if you are a villian there should be a third option. Not that it matters for the Dolphins they are going to be encased in armor. Heh nazis.

This will hopefully give things traction and move things forwards. I think After I introduce the Dolphins and they sucessfully rescue Tesla then we will be at a decent break point and maybe I'll let James take a crack at things. So we got things in motion that will keep them busy for at least 4 more game sessions maybe less. Since James is very reliable I am going to increase his level of protagonization and really start getting some milage out of his charecter. Continuity wise I am in a MUCH better position than the last game I was in which is nice. And the next game session should move fowards much smoother.

I want to do something special with that mall too. I am so having it attacked again. In the future I think I am going to have the Circ Du Strange's secret base in the middle of that mall.

Okay over and out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

M&M session 4 post game

Well that was interesting. I think this is the closest I've ever come to running a traditional dungeon. I don't really do dungeons, I think they are boring to run. This one though went absolutely swimmingly and I think once I run M&M a few more times I will become even more comfortable with it. I am getting close to revealing the big bad of the campain and pretty soon afterwards I want to have my first mega battle that will signifigantly raise the stakes of the whole campain. But before I do that, I need to make sure that I get the rules down pretty solidly.

Les see some knee jerk stuff

-One I need to make sure that when I have a villian dealing with a crowd of people that I bring tokens to represent a crowd of people. This way the players will be able to better see who needs saving what is going to happen when you save them and what targets are needed to prioritize.

-Two I am a little disapointed in myself that Tesla's personality didn't quite come through enough. I did a pretty good job and more than one player commented that the last fight felt like something out of a video game which is exactly what I was going for. The whole session was video game themed and the players picked up on it pretty quickly and they seemed to dig it which makes me unsually happy and the last boss fight went very well and they picked up on what was going on very well.

-Three Best villian escape ever. Let my grandpa go or the puppy gets it.

-Four now that I kidnapped the players I need to take steps to ensure that they won't be able to be caputured in the same way again. This is going to be hard because Tyson won't be there. Man it is a weird day when Tyson becomes unusually pivitol. I guess I'll just have Jason figgure it outm, that IS what he is there for. Essentially the lasers attuned the electrical impulses in their brains to make sure

-Five. I need to explain to them that storing villians in the super hero base is a bad idea. More or less dead=imprisoned=escaped to live another day. These people are going to make it back into the game if I want them to. When they do come back it is a matter of how much destruction is going to happen. For example if I let them capture Tesla all would of been okay for awhile until they come home to find their base turned into a massive death trap. Fun for me but just to make sure we are all on the same page.

-Six. I totally forgot to hint at the Nazi connection. Shit. Which means I HAVE to do it next game session or else it will break the flow of the campain. Damnit. I am not happy about that one.

-Seven. I need to do something with Jame's company Shangri La and everything. I think I will tie all that together along with Sparkles needing the player's help. That will work. I am not sure if I am going to introduce Jesus or not yet. I think I want to save him for later, and I think he is going to be Jason's arch nemisis. That makes the most sense actually. So right now I need to make a sort of villian for James. I do want this game session to involve Jame's company directly though so I guess it is time to switch to session notes.

Friday, July 16, 2010

M&M In Review

I am going to stick this entry here then censor it for the players before sticking it in the main blog. This is something I've been meaning to do before a month after the fact but hey no one is perfect you know? Sure you do! And if you don't I don't care this isn't for you.

Session one- General thoughts:

1) The players did suprisingly well with the fire thing. It took them awhile to find their sea legs and get used to being, well you know super heros but they picked up on it in fine fashion. They came up with some genuinely clever ways of dealing with the fires and for that I am relieved, for the most part.

2) The final battle didn't go as well as I would of liked, it was my first real attempt to deal with the M&M combat system and my first real attempt at sating out a credible threat to the players. As the for credible threat, well oh yeah I gave them that in spades. Oops.

3) I liked the character of Hiesenburg a lot, and I am looking fowards to the time when I get to use him again. I think her is highly evocative and I think the next time he shows up he will be fighting along side the players.

The first game session was awefully short.

Session 2 Part 1

1) The players did an amazing job following up on leads and stuff I had around for them to do. It gave me a belly full of warm fuzzies and I actually let the scene go on for much longer than intended because of it.

2) The actual game session itself though was a bit of a mess. First up they are terrified of splitting up. For the next game session when they beat up Tesla I am going to force situations where they end up seperated from each other just so that I can show them that it is okay. I think when I make it happen I am going to make it so that one set of players will be in a hazard room, and the other set of players will be in a possition to turn off the hazard room. Maybe not.

3) GGetting to know the actual gangs was a bit of a hoot. Mostly though they were knocking around low level members but it enabled me to flesh out what each of the gangs are doing over there in Devil's Den and how it works. I like it quite a bit.

4) Of all the gangs I statted out and tried the only ones that ended up being a credible threat was the Suburban Knights. I like them! Cory didn't though. So what I am going to have to do, is prolly change the way that nullified skills come back. So the next time I nullify cory's sword it isn't so damning.

5) Give Tyson a hero point for his actions against the Baseball furies. He selfishly made himself the arch enemy of that entire gang in order to prevent move voilence from happening. He deserves something for that because it was prolly the most heroic thing any of them have done.

6) Locations that I need to play more atension to in the Devil's Den for when they go back, The Furies Secret Base, The Hospital, The Night Club this isn't a pressing thing at the moment. I'll deal with it when I can.

7) Oh god they need some sort of lession in how to interogate people. What I am thinking of happening is occationally doing fade to black moments. Like in the time traveling episode of the Justice League when Future Batman walked at the camera all menecingly. Awesome. Heh Batman playing good cop. I am amused.

8) I need to do something with the Furies, and the Buttons in terms of how they feel about the players. I think I will have something in the next game session involving one or both of the groups.

9) I love my excuse for Cory's absence from the last game. I wish the game was easier to run then I could have a much larger stable of players and play it like the Justice Leauge.

10) I am glad to see my concern of running a game where the players do nothing but run around punching the villian of the week is more or less unfounded. I am able to get a wide variety of differnent game sessions and they seem to enjoy them for the most part.

11) I like the Circ Du Strange quite a bit and I think I will use them more in the future a capricious foil to the wrath of the Nazis which will be showing up shortly.

12) Okay I think that is it. FOR THE FUTURE!

1) I want to run next weeks game session leave another ominous hint of some sort of encroaching danger that no one really wants to talk about.

2) I want to have the Furies make some sort of appearance at the intital fight just before they are abducted.

3) I want them to do the next game session and then I want to put them on the road the Shangri-la

4) On the road the Nazi Dolphins will show up, as will the Beast from the Middle East.

5) I want the road to take at least two to three game sessions. I want to make it so that getting inside Shangri-la is a very big deal and I want the dangers of them veing sinde there to also be a very big deal. So we are looking at most of August to get them in there, the entire month if we include a sasha visit.

6) Ultimatly I want the Circ Du Strange to help them get into Shangri La I am not sure how I am going to run this, but I can use Jame's company as a back up plan.

7) Over the course of the road to Shangrila I am going to flesh out Jame's company and possible do more with the Buttons and the Furies.

Time Line

21st We do Tesla

28th We start the road to Shangri La introduce Dolphins

4th Contiune the road Introduce Beast of the middle east

11th Either wrap up the road to Shangrila or put them in there.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

M&M World building

I meant to put this into the licking the subconsiouse blog but then I realized to late that it is going in my main blog. Since cutting and pasting requires extra effort on my part it is staying here. Alright so without further ado, what is the world like that you are going to be playing around in?

'merica!- The default setting will be in a nice large city that is thematically like New York but not actually New York. For a comic book reference think Metropolis. Not the movie the superman city. It is a nice glittering city full of sky scrapers and high powered buisness types. It has some bad sides of town as well and some dark undercurrents but for the most part it is a good place to be. This is in no small part due to the efforts of the super hero community. America has the second largest population of super beings and they are scattered all over the country doing various things like helping with disaters, keeping crime down, and inventing junk that they keep lying around. There are roughly 150 supers operating in America and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are only about 5 AAA super heroes operating in the world at any given time the rest are in alternate dimensions, deep meditation, or off world paroling the solar system. For the most part the people operating on earth are "street level" heroes or heroes that can travel the nation fairly easily. There are a few groups that have full time heroes that never leave their costumes and live in public bases and there are plenty of masked vigilantes who prefer to keep their identity on the down low. For the most part people with powers have a good relationship with civilians, the government, and each other. Also for the most part, that guy with the gun who runs around capping random crooks is considered a villain in his own right and brought down.

The World at Large!

Europe! Europe just sort of hangs out and not a whole lot happens there. There are a few super scientists who call England, France, and Spain home but for the most part Europe is pretty quiet in terms of super hero activity. Much like World War 1&2 they bore the brunt of the alien invasion that happened ten years ago and so they are in a quiet state of rebuilding.

Middle East: The Middle East is still as tense as ever and with pleantly of super scientists coming up with the latest wizbang death ray there is no shortage of buyers thanks to America's need for oil. For the most part major incidences have been headed off by various super groups but really it is only a matter of time before something major goes down. There are also no small number of groups who use the lack of security in the area to do some pretty unspeakable experiments in an attempt to create a super soldier but we won't talk about that because they are unspeakable.

Japan: While Japan doesn't have the largest super population the floating island over Japan does. In the late 50's a group of super scientists from around the world broke off from their respective countries and resettled in a remote island in Japan. For years people didn't hear much of them until one day the island lifted up into the sky and declared itself an independent nation. Since then the island has become home to many shady corporations who do a wide variety of things that would be considered crimes anywhere else in the world. The island itself is protected by an incredibly powerful force field that not even the Aliens were able to breach. No one gets onto the island without permission. It helps to keep the random dogooders away. The island itself is patrolled by a legion of genetically modified clones who have a wide variety of super powers. In many ways it is the safest place in the world, however it is the most dangerous. The leader of the island is considered by many to be dangerously unstable and he has sent forces out more than once to cause havok over real or imagined threats made against him. While there are many who want the island taken down permanently, 90% of all pharmaceutical and technological advances come from them and taking them out would put do far more harm than good.

Africa: Most of Africa is a mess. This is made worse by the fact that the Southern half of Africa has been taken over by the aliens and there isn't a whole hell of a lot that can be done about it. See while earth's armies and super heros were able to drive off the majority of the invading forces thousands of aliens were left stranded on the planet due to mostly us shooting at the retreating invasion fleet. Many were hunted down and killed but many more managed to escape into the jungle. Soon they began building small settlements and terriforming the area around them. With the actual invasion over, and these aliens so far from home they eventually started asking for land, peace, and a chance to live out their natural lives in defeat. Many of course were skeptical and more than 6 nukes were launched at their settlements when the Island stepped in and decided to ensure their safety. To what ends? Nobody knows, but for the most part the aliens have kept to themselves, they don't really communicate with the outside world, and they have made no attempt to grab more territory for themselves. That and they are in Africa and I mean every decade there is at least one drought there, genocide, and human atrocities that would litterally boggle your fucking mind. The world is pretty good at ignoring what's going on in Africa and a bunch of Aliens hanging out in the southern tip is just another thing.

The Group: No one knows who is in the group, or where its main base of operations is. Not much is actually know about them, including their real name. All that is known is that when a new drug hits the streets that temporarily gives you powers, or some sort of ray gun gets into the hands of a few gang members, or when some piece of valuable equipment gets stolen people get caught. Fingers will be pointed, and some will say they got it from that guy, who got it from some other guy, who got it from a supplier out west. Eventually after a long chain occasionally someone will blame a large shadowy organization that no one really knows very much about. Then that person will quickly disappear. Everyone knows that some large criminal organization is out there, the problem is pinning them down and getting any sort of solid information about them. Every once in a long while operatives will do a display of force but none have ever been captured and successfully questioned.

In this world people more than often get their superpowers from scientific accidents, alien/corporate experimentation, or they built themselves a pair of rocket skates and decided to go at it. It is a time of invention much like the renaissance and a time of adventure.

In mystic circles there is talk of a great evil once scourged from the land coming back, dark portents are flooding out from the middle east. Strange lights have been reported on the moon two expedition teams were sent up there one never returned and the other reported nothing. There have been strange stirrings under the ocean and bizzare pieces of scrap metal have been washing up on the shore oh and some guy with a ray gun and a robot suit is robbing a back because that is the most useful thing he could think to do.

ALRIGHT! When I do this next time there will be more information on the Aliens, what they do, and what they are like, and maybe more information on what is going on in Japan. After that I will fill in more details based on questions you ask.