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Days pass somewhat tensely for Link. Hampered by an usual amount of school work done at the last minute as a result of early morning suicidal tendencies he finds himself unable to devote the time necessary to hunt down Sara. In moments of quiet reflection he supposes this is a good thing, after all the whole Sara thing doesn’t have to be a big deal. If ignored long enough she will go away, and as of recent she hasn’t been causing anyone any trouble that he knows of. No sense beating the war drums. Perhaps it is time to take a cue from Alex, left High school be high school and to just move on quietly with life. There are things to do after all that don’t nessisarly involve hurting people or fighting Sara. He supposed that if he really wanted to get away from her he’d join the army. Nothing says, “I want to be away from you like moving to Afganistan”. Let’s see her follow him there. He got half way though his elistment papers before tossing them aside one day. His parents would see the army as a failure too. Now there are two people whoes thumb’s he’d like to be free of. So far they haven’t called, written, or made any indication that they missed him what so ever. Of course he knew what would happen if he ever called them. Guilt trip. All over his face. Not worth it.
Vassilating between attempts at relaxation and intense desires to go find and beat Sara to death fills most of his days with a sort of ugly turgid brew that he can only swallow along with a gun barrel in hopes that someday soon this will all be behind him one way or another. As he drifts through campus like an iceberg awaiting the titanic he can feel the stares of people along his shoulders and back. Sometimes he hears whispers about him., things relating back to his past, things more than likely spread by Sara. No matter most of what they are saying is probably true. He wonders what could possibly be her reasons for doing so, after all it isn’t like he wouldn’t be overly isolated from everyone anyway. It seems like an almost needless petty precausion. Almost as if it is there just to serve as a reminder that she’s out there acting in the shadows. The brochures declare that this is a small community focused campus with a close knit faculty and staff. However, it is apparently just big enough so that the two largest outcasts of all time can’t find each other. Strange. He saw Alex everywhere and they ignored each other as strangers who have nothing to offer each other, which is pretty much true all things considered.
Dusk. Sitting out in front of the library peeling an orange, Link waits patiently for the street lights to come on so that he can continue reading. It is strange. There seems to be this lag between it getting dark enough so that reading becomes uncomfortable and the lights coming on. These moments are his favorite time of the day, sitting out looking over a spectacular sunset brought to you by the chemical factories pumping pollution into the air. That is one of those very curious facts of life. Nuclear bombs are the single most destructive weapons ever devised by human hands. Yet should you still be around, you will be treated to the most magnificent of sunsets in the world. Nothing really can quite compare.
Footsteps. Someone behind him is running. Their feet pound the pavement, breathing heavily it sounds like she is trying to say something but the exercising is only making the wheezing sounds worse. Turning he sees the hippy girl, her long skirt hiked up around her knees allowing her hairy legs the full freedom of movment necessary to run the fuck from wherever she ran from to here. Tears streaming down her face, snot running freely, and, is that a buise? Springing to his feet Link runs over to her just as she is about to collapse, “Where?”
Labored breaths, intermingling with sobs made most of her words impossible to understand. He got the word, “garden” which is all he needed. 1.5 miles away, one of those miles being through the woods Link took off without another word. Not even bothering to bring his backpack. He estimated he could be there in ten minuts as long as nothing slows him down. Pounding across campus at a speed that would of easily gotten him a cross country scholarship Link flies over the terrain, body and mind set on one singular goal. There isn’t a doubt in his mind that whatever it is waiting for him at the end of his journy Sara is behind it. He sees, Alex running to intercept him, Link shouts, “I already know” causing Alex to skid to a hault. He looks conflicted for a moment as if he is going to follow Link but Link has already hit the tree line.
Plunging into the forest he ignored the pain caused by dozens of sticks, braches, and thorns as he blunders on a direct path through the woods. The dusk is turning to night as the light fades if becomes increasingly harder to navigate. He realizes that unless he hurries he is going to get lost in the woods. There is something in these woods. Getting lost will have its own problems, on top of him not being able to save the day. Redoubling his efforts he pushes on heedlessly no longer trying to conserve energy for whatever lay at the other end of the journy. As of now he has exactly one option, and that is just the way he loves it.
Night falling faster, Link almost looses site of the path twice, then blissfully he can hear them. Wild hoots and laugture. Male. In the direction of the garden. Quickly doing the math he realizes that a group of men coning across two women in the woods more than certainly equates trouble. That is the sad ugly truth of this despicable world. Trying to count the voices he estimates five people are in the clearing, along with the girl who is yelling, crying, and hopefully still resisting whatever it is they are doing to her by the time he gets there. However, the Hippy girl isn’t the fastest runner in the world and an icy fear grips his heart. Their noise though, that is what guides him the last of the way, through the darkening night in the woods where something evil lays he bursts into the clearing.
Not even bothering to asses the situation Link grabs the throat of the first person he passes and uses his momentum to both stop himself and slam that mother fucker into the ground so hard that he may never get up. Then they all stop and stare. There are six of them left, and they are the blonde haired boys from the bar. Mercifully they hadn’t gotten started yet. Three of them were stand around the new girl, one fondling her hair and the other two leering at her both holding knives. Great knives. Just what Link needs more scars. The other four were milling about the garden and before they were interrupted they were pulling up plants and generally destroying shit. The smell of gasoline hung heavy in the air, as did Sara’s influence. No time to think about that now. Running to the left one of the blonde boys, holding up a cucumber and looking awefully stupid gets a face full of fist along with a second helping of boot once he slams to the ground screaming in pain over his broken nose. That got the rest of them moving. The three around the girl stayed put much to Link’s annoyance. No matter the other three were heading twords him ready to scrap.
Sidestepping the first one’s punch Link grabs a fist full of greasy mullet yanking the guy back. Another one starts getting in body blows, but ignoring him, Link gets a good grip on the one he has and half tosses him at the approaching third guy. The collide with a satisfying crack, ad their heads connect with one another. With the pain finally starting to get to him Link snatces Mr. Bodyblow’s fist from the air and neatly head butts him. Link is amazed as he falls to his knees. Most people end up out cold from from something like that, still it is nothing two hands to the side of the head with face full of knee for flavor to fix anyone who is stubbornly clinging to consiousness. Sputtering he falls to the ground just at the two Link threw at each other get up and start making it back twords him. Not giving them time Link rushes forwards, takes a hit, but is rewarded with a resounding crack as he snaps their heads together. One is still awake trying groggily to get up, but Link quickly puts him down. The abuse is starting to add up and he still has three to go. Pretending to stagger to the ground Link snatches up two nice sized rocks. Looking up he sees the two with the knives are flanking the new girl who looks absolutely terrified at this point, and one behind her, still holding her hair. Not wanting to risk it he winds up and throws both the rocks in a rapid sucession, the one on the left and then the other on the right get hit within second of each other. The squirrle would be proud. No sense in being creative, he rushes forwards and cracks their heads together sending them sprawling.
Winded Link hopes the last one doesn’t have any sort of real fight in him. He steps out from behind the girl and Link realizes that they all look pretty much the same, which is something he doesn’t want to think to hard about. He approches Link slowly, confidently. Where does confidence like that come from? Link has just leveled 6 of his other friends, another one’s run off somewhere, what the hell guy? He smiles, his yellow teeth look more like fangs than anything that belongs in a human mouth. He faints to the left then comes right, a move Link would be ready for but someone grabs him from behind. He can’t really tell them apart but he suspects that it is Mr. Bodyblow. Link tenses up as the yellow tooth wunderkid starts going to work on him. There are limits to strength and Link is starting to reach his, if he doesn’t do something soon he is going to black out, something he doen’t expect to survive. Mouth bleeding, ribs arching, Link fights through the pain and as the next blow hits him in the mouth he bites the mother fucker as he draws his fist back. Unleashing a mightly howl of pain, and still biting down, Link kicks backwards at the other one forcing him to let go. Still biting down he works over the guy in front of him, landing several rapid blows to the stomach until he feels him starting to go limp, then releasing his jaw he picks the guy up bodily and swings him at Mr. Body Blow who apparently, judging from his attempts to save his friend, doesn’t know where kidneys are.
Panting from exertion and pain, Link sinks slowly to the ground. Idly he wonders where the gasoline smell is coming from, if the bird is okay, before his mind can go much further the hippy comes crashing through the underbrush. Once again she finds herself with Link, who is covered in sweat and blood, surrounded by unconscious bodies.
From the far side of the field, over by where the keep the bird Sara emerges from the gloom clapping sarcastically, “Well well well Link, it is good to see that your time up here hasn’t dulled your fine sense of mayhem in any way.”
Behind him he hears the hippy run twords her lover girlfriend type thing sobbing uncontrollably, which ends in a resounding slap. Turning around Link is in time to see the hippy recoiling suddenly, pain and confusion fight for control over her facial expressions as she falls backwards on her ass, “You stupid slut you fucked it all up”. Getting ready for the show Sara plops down on a near by log which is oftentimes used as a bench and lights a cigarette. “Don’t you understand? You stupid bitch I did all of this for you, to show you that we need to be together forever”. The hippy crying harder now, confusion winning out over pain seems completely lost. Crawling now, seeming to look for something her friend continues, “It could of all been perfect. The would show up rough up your garden a bit and me and Sara would save you. Then you would see how much I love you, and just how much you and I need to be with each other, but you fucked it up when you left me. You fucking left me with these people, to go get your brown haired psychotic murder machine. Do you see what he did to those guys? That is who you turn to for help”. In a fury she kicks at the downed hippy girl knocking her over.
She would have been kicked again but Link rushes over to block the way. Hippy’s friend who’s new name is now bitch face, starts screaming and struggling like a wild animal. Effortlessly he tosses her aside and kneels down next to the hippy girl, “Hey, sorry. Looks like I got you into trouble again”. She just keeps crying though, lost in a new quiet dark world where there is only pain, betrayal, and violence.
Turning to bitch face, “What the hell is wrong with you? How could you possibly think any of this was a good idea?”
“Fuck you man, with your bullshit y chromosome and need to dominate. What the fuck do you know. I could of handled all of this, I was just waiting for her to get back from where ever the hell it is she ran off to, to show her that I could save and protect her. The would of fallen down for me, but no she left me. She left me, don’t you understand that? TO get you a man, I kill you”. Pulling a knife from her back pocket she rushes at Link. To distracted by doging a flashing blade in the ever fading light he doesn’t notice the can of mace coming up until it is to late. Being around Sara teaches you how to resist many things. This isn’t any ordinary can of mace though, it feels like a million fire ants have all suddenly decided to rape his eyes and for the first time in a very long time Link cries out in pain before collapsing.
Letting out a near inhuman war shriek bitchface begins dancing around kicking at Link’s down form and taunting him with the knife before cutting into his face. Dimly he’s aware that she’s inexperienced with blades, and that from now on anyone the hippy girl introduces as a friend gets kicked in the face. Across the field he can hear Sara’s hysterical laughter, hopping up and down, clapping her hands and cheering wildly she seems to be having the time of her life. Its been a long time since she’s seen Link so thoroughly defeated, and she intends to enjoy every moment of it. Link makes another note to punch her in the mouth next time he gets a chance, which at this rate might be never.
Bitchface, rearing up to her full height, raises her knife above her head and gleefully cries out, “Well it has been nice meeting you but nothing is going to stand in the way between us”
“STOP!” Link starting to recover now, hears Sara’s voice echo across the field. It is the sort of voice that the criminally insane really know how to identify with, “Kill him isn’t part of the deal. That’s my job, why don’t you go rape your girlfriend or something productive?”
Sneering bitchface turns on Sara, “Yeah well 7 guys wasn’t part of the deal either, it was supposed to be two. And what the fuck was all that about everything they were going to do to me”
Lazily Sara gets to her feet, smiling, “Yes well, as you may imagine there is more going on here than meets the eye. This is far more about the man lying at your feet and your friend than it ever was about you. See she’s a virgin, that makes her valuable to me. Something to take, conquor, and make mine. Kind of like how I convinced you that all of this is a good idea, only this way I get to sleep with her. The problem is that Link has his claws in her. Once those are removed I’d just throw you away and me and the hippy girl would be off to the races”. Bitchface furiously rushes at Sara knife over head. Sara easily slaps her clumsy blow aside and then punches her in the face hard enough so that she goes down. Taking the knife away from her she kicks bitch face viciously in the ribs and smiles, “What did you expect me to do? After all you are such a treacherous, cheating little slut. Keeping you around would just be utterly counter productive for me.
Clutching her head and shouting, “No” over and over again the hippy starts to stagger to her feet. “Why? Why me? Why us? Why would you do this?”
Sara shrugs nonchalantly, “Partly it is because of the bond you formed with Link, partly because I wanted to, mostly because you are still a virgin though. I think even if you’d never met Link this would all still happen to you. Although I think you would of ended up face down in my bed while I pound you doggy style with my favorite strap on, so I suppose you have Link to thank for that. It’s funny that you left him to rot after whatever it is happened to you in these woods. There is a man who just sprinted a mile and a half and beat seven people to death without even stopping to ask why, and he did it all for you. No expectations of sexual exchange, or even reasoning behind it necessary. He’s a man of action who you threw away on some petty pretense. Its sad really”
Staggering to his feet, eyes still burning, Link stumbles twords Sara, shouting, “I won’t let you have her”
She waits until he gets halfway acrost the field, it’s a decently long wait too, before, smiling pleasant she says, “Link? I think it is best that you just shut the fuck up” Flicking the still lit cigatret she reveals where the gas has been spilled, in a large circle around the little bird. Before Link’s adrenilin could kick in yet again, the bird bursts from its encloses flying straight for Link, like a lost child who just catches sight of his dad for the first time in days. A shot rings out, and the tiny miricle of hollow bones, feathers, and blood, that has been carefully nused back to health as a direct result of both the hppy and Link’s efforts is reduced to a splatter of blood and defeat. Stepping forth from the wood link the wolf looking man from the bar chuckling evilly enters the scene, rifle pointed directly at Link he has a feeling that things have just gone south awefully quickly. “I don’t know how much any of you know about hunting, but that is a shot of a life time right there, let me tell you”. He looks around the field for a moment, “Well there Mrs Sara, looks like things went almost like you said they would, I never got to see him in action my self but man that Link fellow is one mighty mean motherfucker. I’m starting to run out of family”. His voice is like cold water over granite, and he walks with the supreme confidence that he is the most dangerous person around. Looking over twords Sara, “Aww man you smacked my prize around, no matter though, nothing a few more smacks won’t hurt. Incest is nice and all but it will be good to have some new blood going through the family tree. You sure I can’t get that big fella over there to join us? I know some of the cousins would just love to get their claws into him”
Sara laughs, “Oh my I hadn’t even though of that? If I allow it to happen will I be able to watch?”
“Watch shoot I’d let you participate. Hell we can even film the whole thing and you can break it out on the holidays, sell it whatever. I mean I got what I want-, well hey there little miss. You just fold right back up now unless you want your friend here to get his head blown off”
It seems that the hippy has rejoined them fully both mentally and physically. Standing up straight a righteous fury burns deep down in her eyes, sharing space with both sadness and pain, “I didn’t believe Link when he spoke of you. I didn’t think that anyone could be as bad as he made you out to be. I am wrong though. You are as bad. You are so much worse than he could ever be. I don’t understand why you did all this to me, to her, to him, to them. But it stops. I’m sorry. I don’t believe in doing this but you have literally left me with no choice. Link. Punish them”
He felt his body fill with a strength not entirely his own and his mind get kicked into the white room. Panicking he rushes at the door but it is slammed shut. Just before the door closes he hears Sara shout, “Oh shit don’t put him in th-”. The white room. Its been awhile. Once it was a peaceful meditative space Link, along with the help of some others, carved out for himself. Back then it wasn’t white but that isn’t really the point. The idea is that when he’s starting to loose control of his actions that the white room would act as a failsafe to prevent him from doing anything specifically regrettable. Predicatbly Sara found and corrupted it. Now it is a private hell. A loud low wine can be heard in the distance coming from all directions simultaneously. Unable to shut it out he has not choice but to go deeper into the featurless white void, away from the one and only door. The sound driving him onward, faster, deeper into the invisible maze. Crashing into one wall he heads left hoping to find something, he’s rewarded with another blank wall, it is impossible to tell if it is a white as everything else or invisible. In the end it doesn’t matter. The wining continues getting louder, more intense. Then in the distance two black spots appear and disapear. Just long enough to let you question your sanity. He hears a low rustleing sound from below the wining. But looking around he is unable to find anything. This is new. He see’s them again, they look like eyes. They move for a bit before vanishing in the void. Trying to rush twords them is futile as the walls block paths and it is impossible to concentrate with the constant low buzzing sound. He can feel them though. There are others in here, “They weren’t here last time were they? It is hard to remember. This is supposed to be my head though isn’t it? There shouldn’t be anything else in here other than me. Hell even this room is a blank void, created by Sara to trap me. Something is wrong I can feel it, but I can’t seem to find what, or where it is” He see’s the two spots in the whiteness again, along with a pair of thin villainous lips. These aren’t Sara’s creations. They are something else and they don’t belong here. Before he can rush forwards two eyes appear before him and he feels razor blade whispers acrost his chest. He doesn’t need to look down to know that he is cut badly. The eyes rush at him again, but they pass right through him as the world starts to slowly come back, then very quickly.
Screaming Link is reborn into the world, looking down at his chest he sees the claw marks left by the white thing. Then looking around the rest of his body he sees that is the least of his problems, “Both Sara and the hippy girl are standing over him both looking converned. Sara looks like a child who acidently pushes a game a little to far, and the hippy looks like a queen who just ordered her best friend to the chopping block.

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