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This is 5

2011 NANO Part 5
    Rebecca running out of the way of the thrashing creature starts shouting, “What the hell went wrong?”   Alex has taken to the air, and predictably there is an angel chasing him.  For a moment all she can think is, “Jesus god really does hate people who wear sandles and socks as much as I do”.  It is at that moment that Rebeca realizes she might be cracking up.  Marialing her strength she starts trying to acess her options.  Deven obivious to the danger around him is busying himself yelling at the virgin demanding to know just when she’s had the time for sex inbetween her school work and living with her parents.  Her gaping eyes sockets were both bleeding profusely.  Absently she thought that maybe she should do something to preserve her eyes.  That ended when Jared steps on one causing him to slam into Stephen.  Both go toppling into the virgin’s who’s gag comes loose.  She spits out her tounge and contiues to make a horrible hacking sound that stops when Alexander flies in low, Angel hot on his heels, and slaps her upside the head demanding that she shut the hell up.
    Stephen runs by her muttering to himself, “You know the stars aren’t even right.  I have no idea how we brought this thing here.  I mean isn’t that amazing we’ve managed to do something incredible.  This means that I could possibly”
    Deven stumbling to his feet slaps Stephen upside the head, “Now is not the time to be impressed” to accent the point the creature lets out an ear splitting howl that doesn’t exactly travel on sound waves but rather takes normal sound waves and rips them apart into new and horrifying ways.  With one of its tentacles it lashes out at Jared who leaps out of the way with suprising nimblness.
    Stephen looks crestfallen, “Your right I suppose.  In order to stop the thing we need my books, as for the angel I dunno I think that is more your speed”
    Deven puts his hands up, “What I don’t know what the angel is doing here.  I’ve never delt with them personally, I had servant deamons for that”
    “Well great this is turning into a disaster, and oh god it has the not virgin’s legs lets go save her”.  Deven and Stephen rush over to the not virgin and grab her by the arms just as one of the things tentacles is about to drag her away.  Pulling Stephen calls out, “Alex we need a little bit of air support.”
    Alex is more than a little to busy with the Angel though and just as their grips are starting to slip Rebecca charges in with an axe she apparently found in a near by tool box and starts hacking away at the creature.  The tentaclle gets withdrawn due partly to the damage inflicted and mostly to the fact that Jared has caught its atension.  One of the girl’s legs is simply gone.  The other has turned into a slimy green tentacle, “Well at least she won’t run away not!”
    Deven gwafs at Stephen’s remarks then get’s serious, “We can’t keep fighting this thing like this.  It is eventually going to get us.  What can we do”
    Stephen gets grim, “We need Jerimia he has my most forbidden books and scrolls, we also might as well call in Wilson, he might be able to use his freaky snake powers to help out with the angel.”.  Stephen calls out to Jared, who is being strangely unmolested by the thing, informing him of the plan.
    Stephen looks over at the thing.  It doesn’t quite jell with the reality around it as light particles strurggle to find something to bounce off of.  The whole thing is a strange blurr with patches of absolutle blackness and patches of stunning clarity.  It lashes about confused, in pain, jabbing in such a way that it tears at the souls of all who hear it but are not ready to comprehend.  With the exception of the not a virgin who is more or less beyond repair at the is point, the others could potentially work and comprhend for such a creature.  However, eventually they are going to start suffering damage from its words.  He needs a way to shut it up and he needs it now”. 
    The Angel flies past.  While the thing bulges uncomfortably into reality like a corpse in a garbage bag the Angel looks almost like he is to real to be real.  Everything else seems dim next to him and as he flies by he leaves tracers of hyper reality, a place where grass seems greener, the sunset more spectacular, and unfortunately the monster far more horrible.  Alexander comes up next to Stephen, “Well this is your area of expertise what’s going on?”
    Stephen looks around, “This is bad.  You see how that thing isn’t all the way here?  That means there are still parts of it in wherever it came from.  Not only that but once it gets it’s bearings we are going to be in a hell of a lot more trouble than we are.  Right now it is just flailing about blindly but soon it is going to be doing things.  Is there any way you can mute it.  You all are tough but you aren’t going to be able to listen to the words for long without going more than a little loopy trust me on this one.  Other than that Jared is calling Jerimia and he will bring my books and hopefully we can get this whole thing solved.  By the way why does the angel have a bigger hard on for you than Deven?” 
    Before Alexander could answer they both noticed that Jared is in trouble.  The Angel has spotted him.  Jared is more of something else than human.  Somewhere during one of his exparaments, or maybe it was two it doesn’t matter really, Jared lost a large portion of what we refer to as a soul.  It became replaced with something quite different, something new, something magnificent, something that causes the horrible thing to ignore him.  Unfortunatly, it is apparently an affront twords god because the Angel looses interest in Alex decides that it is time some some good old fastioned burn and purge.  Coming up before Jared it puts both of his hands together and lets out what can only be described as a Kameamea of pure light.  Jared doesn’t bother to side step, block, or even blink.  He accepts the head on attack by one of the heavenly host safe in the knowledge that he has created his own pantheon.  Gods based on circuitry, electornics, ones, zeroes, emulators, compilers, scanners, and processors.  These gods he’s given birth to have since made him their avatar on earth, in return he was to spread their word to turn humanity into a more perfect vessle suitable more suitable to worship them.  Things didn’t work out as planned.  It did leave him with the ability to stun his new friends into near scilence as he stares down an angel with an icy defiance before materializing a black whip of information out of no where.  One crack sends the angel scrabling and just like that it is one the defensive.
    Rebecca watches as Alexander works on casting a spell of some sort.  Stephen looks like he is trying to distract the thing and is succeeding somewhat even though it had Deven on the run.  Deven had been trying to get something going, she could see where he was drawing on the ground, his exact symbols smeared as the result of his own body being dragged roughly across his own work.  Deven is capable of many things, but being grand on the fly isn’t apparently one of them.      Everywhere the thing landed or touched, left strange white groping maggoty like things.  She realizes that soon they are going to take over the yard and with that realization in mind she dashes off to the nearby maintence shed.  Inside she finds some of the remenants of the baby cult she was starting. There were five of them, one’s eyes have exploded, a la the not virgin’s, two others could do nothing but shake, fluids pouring out of every orifice.  Another one has been changed, his lower body a wriggingl mass of tenticales, and she is pretty sure she spies a beak within his new swirrle of mandness. His own tentcles trying to hold him down to do some unamably horrible thing.  The last one, also changed, is bulging outwards.  She can see where he’s received a strange looking puncture wound, his body filling, filled with either some roiling mass of white worms, puss or some other unamable thing.  Quickly grabbing a weed wacker and a gas can she goes to rush back then hesitates.  Then she hears a loud wet bursting sound and a small puddle of ultra black fluid begins to leak out from under the shed door accompanied by the wet sound of ripping flesh.  Rebecca is tough.  No doubt a normal person would be like those in the shed.  Or like the not virgin.  Still one could only take so much.  Pouring the gas can in the puddle and along the front wall of the shed she silently says good by to one of her favorite lighters that she pulls from a hidden pocket in her pants, gives it a light and sets the fire in motion.  If the sounds from the shed weren’t enough the smell most certainly is.  The whole thing just isn’t right on so many levels.  The fact that this is all happening at her house starts to sink in.  Her shed isn’t the worse thing to go but she realizes that the horrible star thing is on top of one of her many flower gardens, one that she is particularly fond of one that has a great deal of energy underneath it.  She begins to wonder if it wasn’t so much the girl’s lack of virginity that is the cause of all this but rather the ambient energies of the surrounding area which she leaves banked for a rainy day. 
    Then in a roar and a flash of light Jerimia and Wilson burst onto the scene.  Jermia is a tall man with a mane of white hear that streaches wildly down his back.  It looks as if it hasn’t been properly taken care of for quite some time.  His white lab coat is covered in innumerable stains as are his black pants.  He is however, wearing a solid pair of boots.  As the angel flies by to make another swing at Jared he grabs the angel by the hair and slams him into the ground.  The angel lets out a sheik of anger before before getting back up and charging Jared again.  Looking around in confusion Jerimia walks over to Deven and asks, “You guys don’t know how to play poker do you?”.  Seeing Stephen near by he tosses a satchle of that he has over his shoulder to him, “Best get to work.  I don’t know what the hell you did but this thing is seriously throwing off my chi”.
    Stephen smiles, “alright guys I need some cover and a little bit of time and possibly that angel taken care of”.
    Jerimia smiles, “I got that” From his belt he pulls what appears to be a light saber, until he turns it on and anyone who knows anything realizes it is a light saber.  Letting out a war cry he charges the angel trips over the non and falls cutting off his own leg in the process, “Jesus christ what the fuck is she doing there?”
    “Not being a virgin that is for damn sure”  Like everyone else Deven couldn’t help but think that was predictable.  Light sabers may seem like a good idea but it helps when you are more physically capable than a five year old.  Jermimia looking down at both the light saber and his severed leg shouts, “Why didn’t someone stop me?  I know at least one of you thought that was going to happen.  Now I got to put this damn thing back on.  In his head the light saber battle would have been epic.  He makes a mental note to actually learn how to use a light sable so that next time when he is facing down a member of god’s heavenly host he can be ready for them.  A tentcle lashes out at him but the force field he has in place keeps it in check.  He realizes that won’t last for long and that for the first time in long time he is mildly concerned with how this is all going to play out. 
    Meanwhile Wilson is on the run.  The creature has zoned in on him and everyone else is to busy to be bothered to help him.  Not that he didn’t mind.  Wilson doesn’t look the part.  Tweed suit with leather patches on the elbows, a big old bald spot, and not in the attractive way either but rather in the middle manager at the office sort of way.  He isn’t exactly fat but calling him big boned would be an appropriate response.  To look upon him is to never guess there is something extraordinary about him.  Except now.  Utilizing his unnatural agility Wilson dances around the creatures attacks.  Having dealt with the great snake from beyond this thing, with all its alien malevolence, is really nothing to listening to the slithering of the scales of the cosmos as they inch their way through the eons slowly crushing all there is so that it may feed, and give birth to a new glorius era.  Or just feed.  That part was never really made clear to Wilson.  He didn’t care he misses the jungle as he bounds about he hears Stephen call something out to Deven who appears to be holding a charm of some sort.  Deven lets it go and as he does the Angel wheels upon him in unbridled fury which is for the best.  Jared is tough but he started to take quite a beating after awhile.  Conintuing to sheik the angel charges Deven.  From the inner pocket of his suit he pulls a vile of liquied midnight, sin under glass.  He smashes it down and from it he draws a great spear.
    Deven flashes his most wicked smile.  It has been to long since he’s gotten to do something like this.  He’d almost forgotten how much fun it is to only be slightly in control of the situation but just in control enough to ruin your polar opposite’s day.   The angel tries to strike but a sudden intervension by Wilson is all Devon needs to slip in and with one single thrust he drives the spear home.  The blackness flows from Deven’s hands into the Angel’s body, twisting it, until there is nothing left of its once beautiful form except a demonic countancance.  Rebecca, Jared, Wilson, and Jerimia clap.  Deven takes a bow, “Alright Stephen lets bring this on home.”

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