Monday, October 22, 2012


2011 NANO Part 18

    Jerimia and Rebecca putter around in the base for a bit before Jerimia remembers that this base is new and no one else posseses the ability to get to it.  It is another ten minutes before everyone is assembled properly.  The leader of the cyber punks included.  Then on a whim Jermia tries to teleport Jared, he then starts using every scanner, hidden satellite, nanite clouds,  and stealth drone to seek out Jared.  Stephen sees what is going on and starts binding things to go search the stuff between the stars, and Alexander sets up magical redundancies to all of Jerimia’s stuff.  Magic is better at scouring the deepest seas where there are still hidden things lurking.  With the others busy Deven, Wilson, and Rebecca turn their attension to their shiny new captive.
    The leader of the cyber punks most certainly has a name but none of them bothered with it.  He is a massive man, easily 8 feet tall, his entire body seems to be one large ripple of pure muscle, wires, and cables.  Some look like they are welded right into his skin others vanish into implanted sockets.  He smells like he bathes in testosterone and other people’s body oder, which might be the case.  The whole thing is very strange to them.  Wilson walks around him slowly, “I don’t get it.  Jared is like the ultimate computer geek egg head that’s emerged at the head of this own technological pantheon.  So how does he end up with someone like this as a rival?  Can he even understand us?  He looks like he is the sort of person who relies more on brute force than intellect and I don’t think I can use small enough words to get through his meat head”
    The head cyber punk looks up with a primal hatred that streaches back eons to when the first cave man bashed one blokes head in with a rock for he first time.  He smiles, his teeth are large and sharpened, his breath smells like raw meat, “He is my Dr. Jeckle”
    Deven shrugs, “Okay that’s fair I guess.  Alright then down the business.  The last person I interrogated on this matter got sent directly to hell and now his mind is so far gone we can’t even read it anymore.  We are also the sort who learn from mistakes.  Wilson what are you doing?”
    Wilson look up from the man’s feet.  He has a pair of sissors.  The special mediacal kind that you can use to cut through pennies, “I am going to cut off his toes!”
    Deven looks confused, “Wait why he hasn’t refused to give us information yet?”
    “I like the idea of someone this large and menacing walking funny for the rest of his life!”
    Rebecce looks concerned she’d heard stories about Wilson but he is just so large and gloomy most of the time she never really believed they were true, until now.  Now she believes them with absolute certainty.  While Wilson is correct this massive hulk of a man would look hysterical walking funny, now isn’t the time for empty torture, “Come on Wilson let’s let Deven do his thing.  Lets go over here, maybe we can cut off his toes when he is being unhelpful.  Right now I think Jerimia needs help.  And he has some fresh coffee brewing.  You want some coffee?”
    Wilson smiles, “I do love some of Jerimia’s coffee.  He always makes the best stuff”
    Jerimia smiles and once they both have a cup he ushers them both into another room, “Oh good!  Quick thinking Rebecca!  See I plan on giving that guy a half assed interrogation compliments of Deven and then we will put him somewhere where he can escape, and with all the tracking gadgets I’m gonna put in him when we knock him out next hopefully he will lead us somewhere more useful.  Also at this point I am willing to throw enough shit at a fan until John shows up”
    Wilson frowns, “Shouldn’t a three way brawl against some of our d-listed light bringers be enough to do that?  And I mean Jared has been kidnapped what do we need to do sink Austrailia or something?”
    Jerimia frowns and Rebecca smiles, they both realize that Wilson is taking all of this especially hard.  Jerimia walks over to a display and pulls up a chart, “These are all the time John has interviened in relation to the amount of damage we have done.” 
    Wilson looks at the chart which goes back all ten years.  It is an impressive display of completely random sized bars, “So there is no gaurntee that he will show up?”
    Jerimia smiles sadly, “Come on Wilson you know that better than anyone.  Remember when you saved the French from me in 2003?  I was really far gone then and you were the one who brought me back and you were the one who helped me clean up the mess.  That whole time John never showed up.  We gotta plan to do this without him”
    Rebecca looks puzzled, “We are missing some- Jesus that gut has a sissy screaming voice.  You’d think will all that muscle mass he’d be able to maintain some bass.  Deven knows the guy needs to be able to escape right?”
    Jerimia waves his hand, “Yes yes he has been fully briefed I wouldn’t worry to much about it.  Worse comes to worse we can just grab another cyber punk.  Their whole command structure seems to be based on size isn’t that sad?  Oh hey Jared’s brain data finnaly finished processing!”
    Jerimia wanders over to the nearby computer and begins fiddling with it.  Rebecca asks, “Brain data?”  Slow the pieces were falling into place for her.  Very slowly.  There is something she is missing. 
    Jerimia nods, “Yep I brought Jared’s car here when I was scooping everyone up.  No sense in leaving something with that much advanced technology in it just lying around the street for anyone to pick up and use however they please.  That idea is just plain bad.  Anyway at some point while he was out with the mystic supersquad he backed up his entire brain.  He did it quickly and violently.  See this right here?  This is where he used the drill to make the connection.  Lots of stress right around here, and huh that’s strange.”
    “What?” The wheels were turning faster and faster in Rebecca’s head.  She knew that somewhere in all of this there is a connection to the snake’s vibrations and this but she can’t quite put it altogether.
    “Shush I am reading”  Jermia is quiet for a minute.  He looks confused.  He then goes over some of the data some more.  Then he pulls up some information that looks like it has been taken from a previous insident.  Comaparing the two he frowns while he pulls up two more.  He studies each for a few minutes before going back to the most recent one.  After another further minute he looks up gravely concerned, “Wilson get everyone in here”
    Wilson leaves and after a minute everyone including the leader of the cyber punks is crammed into a room that is slightly to small to accommodate everyone comfortably.  The head cyber punk looks worse for wear but still defiant.  Wilson looks at him, “What were your people doing there anyway?  You don’t particularly have a deal with us unlike the real light bringers.  You are more of just a hanger on that has seem some of what we can do, but you can’t do it yourself, so you hang around looking for scraps.  I can tell that you have some of my scraps in you as well as his.  You are technological garbage men.  I get it.  But what were you guys doing there.  I mean there were only, what, a dozen of you?  And they were small fries to boot, I know I helped to clean up their bodies.  There is no way a dozen or even two dozen of you could hope to take Jared.  Who is using you?”
    The leader grins and refuses to answer, Jerimia shoots him in the crotch with his, always kept handy, laser pistol, “I can regrow those for you.  In fact if I regrow them they will work much much better than they did before.  However, you either answer my question or we are done with you.”
    The leader doesn’t say anything but he is also rolling around on the floor clutching himself screaming in pain.  Jerimia decides the two might be related, gives him something for the pain and when the big man calms down Jerimia reminds him, “I’m waiting.”
    He sees it long before the big man manages to do it.  He is working up a nice big mouthful of spittle to hurl his way in an act of adolescent defiance.  This is a man who never really got past the stage in life where he was 16 and very angry at his parents.  Jerimia didn’t have any time to waste and before the big man could get out his last act of defiance he turns his head into a smoking crater.  He then takes a pair of sissors Wilson was going to use earlier on his toes and begins to systematically cut off all of his wires, implants, and devices. Then, and only then does he teleport the body back to where it came from for his whole sad little group of wreched individuals to see.  Everyone watches quietly as he finnishes up.  No one states of obvious or asks any questions.  Jerimia does have his lucid moments.  This appears to be one of them.  He looks at Alexander and Stephen, “What were you two doing just before he applied the drill?”
    They look at each other Stephen answers, “We were looking for the little not a virgin virgin girl.  We wanted to make sure that she didn’t have some sort of localized disturbance around her at all times.  When we were in her neighborhood Jared senses something strange then it vanishes-”
    It hits Wilson and Rebecca at the same time, “Like the vibrations” They say it in unison and the air suddenly becomes heavy.
    Jerimia nods, “Now we all have our light bringers, and our extra baggage, and our own personal demons to deal with.  But no one.  I mean no one light bringer or extra baggage has the power to do this.  Jared felt something was wrong with the whole world when you went to go find the virgin.  He would of forgotten all about it except that he managed to back up his brain in time.  Wilson’s snake is trying to warn him of the danger but it can’t because something is blocking it and I know of only one person who could block both Wilson and Jared, organize an attack by the D-Listers, and kidnap Jared without leaving enough information for any of us to go on.  Looks like that thing we’ve always worried about has come to pass”
    Deven looks pale, “You seriously think John is off the wagon?”
    Wilson, staring down at the floor shuffles his feet, “We all know the least about him, even though he has brought us all together and as seperatly he has saved all of our lives many times none of us know anything about him.”
    Wilson’s statement is met by a sea of shaking heads and frowns.  Stephen sighs, “Jesus I can’t imagine a more dangerous oppoentent.  He knows what we can do, what can’t do, what we’ve given up, and how far we are willing to go.  He’s got everything..”
    Rebecca holds up her hands they notice that they are trembling ever so slightly, “John has to know that we won’t stop at anything what so ever to get Jared back.  He knows we are going to be coming for him.  Why would he do this?”
    Jerimia stands on the spot where the big man’s head once was, “Hubris was my downfall believe me.  I bet he believes he has the upper hand”
    Deven shakes his head, “Or we were getting to close.  We were uncovering his actions to quickly and he wanted them shut down.  I bet his plans are about to come to fuition and he’s betting it all on this hand.”
    Alexander, steps in, “None of this will matter if we can’t find him.  John doesn’t seem to drive, he doesn’t have any know place of resicdence, he always walks everywhere no matter what, I we have less than little to go upon,.  We don’t even know if he really was trying to end the world or if he was really some light bringer who decided to bring us together and help us out.  We need to find him first and we need to do so now.”
    Jerimia looks at the monitor.  “Oh hey that was easy.  Found John.”
    Several variations of “Where is he” get spoken at the same time.  The only thing Jerimia ends up hearing is a garbled sound similar to the utterances of Stephan’s star things.  Still despite all of that he gets the message well enough, “The Midwest.  Now he’s in Tokyo, now sub-Saharan Africa, now in the deep out back of Austrailia, now on a tiny tiny island in the pacific, now the south pole.  There seems to be no pattern to it but he is definitely bouncing all over the world the same way normal people take steps.  This is bad.  He’s never moved about in this way before.  In a way for all of us to see.  It is almost like he wants us to chase him.”
    Deven looks at the map, “Silence of the Lambs”
    “Eh” Stephen looks confused, “Is that code for something?”
    Deven rolls his eyes.  If there was ever a “damn kids and your music” moment to be had between the two of them this is it, “Stephen you need to get out more.  Look at the map his pattern looks ‘desperealy random’.  Not only that but every area he goes to except the Midwest is contested territory for someone.  If we followed him we would be constantly running and gunning both trying to catch John and avoiding the people who would be on high alert.  Not only that but I don’t think he expects us all to be together.  He knows I am going to pick this up an if I didn’t know about Jared or something I might go after him to see what’s up.  I think this is his attmempt to catch me to separate me from whomever I am with.”
    Alexander thinks for a moment, “It makes sense.  You are the next one in line for figuring this stuff out especially since you have Jared’s car.  So should we go to his point of origin?”
    Everyone nods, preparing themselves for anything and everything, Jerimia checks his pockets, “Erm I am going to need ten minuts to get ready.  Everyone meet in the teleportation chamber.  Something tells me I am going to be thankful we’ve geared up for this.”  He tosses Stephen a key and gives him knowing look before he scampers off to get his own kit ready.

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