Monday, October 22, 2012

6 and thank god for being not almost done

2011 NANO Part 6

    Stephen isn’t listening though.  Stephen is busy reading a book and mumbling under his breath.  The thing is started to send exploratory appendages twords him, probing him gently.  Rebecca throws up in her mouth a little when one gets a little bit to close to his mouth and with blinding speed he bites off the tip and spits it out.  Thousands of tiny white things start crawling up his body and he keeps reading paying them no mind.  Wilson, Alexander, and Jared all try in vain to draw the things attension so as to give Stephen time to do whatever the fuck it is he’s doing.  Absently he takes some of the squiming white things and stuffs a handful into his mouth.  Then closing the book he vomits profusely.  It isn’t a normal vomiting, there is not wretching or noise.  Instead he simply stands up and a jet of stuff bursts out of him, it is a cool milky blue color that smells like he took several dead things, belended them together, simmered it in the puss of plauge victems, seasoned gently with the skin of lepers.  Everyone, including the deamon turned angel, are stunned by the pure horror of what just happened.  Stephen’s normally hunched frame straightens up as reality seems to bend and crack around him.  He doesn’t so much as step forwards so much as he bends and folds the universe to reposision him closer to where he wants to be.  Then he begins chanting.  It is quiet at first and they don’t so much as hear it but rather feel it deep within their bone marrow.  As the chanting gets louder things begin changing.  The sky begins to take on a sort of sea green, slashed with scarlet hue, as the gutteral sounds that they all suppsed were words in some sort of horrible languge continue to spill out of him the creature begins to ripple and bend, becoming at the same time both larger and smaller, Stephen words forcing it to take on multiple impposible shapes at the same time. 
    It lets out of horrifying shriek and begins to chant back at Stephen as it does so its form begins to stableize but the world around them begins to shift, bending inwards a mix of the sea green skies becomes intersected with the sunset that just about anyone would stop to admire.  Alexander’s protests were only dimly heard by the others.  His voice, half paniced gets drowned out as both the thing and Stephen begin to chant louder and louder.  The twisting gets worse and Stephen start’s chanting faster, and faster still.  Deven leans over to Alexander and asks, “Hey if this doesn’t work do you think you will be able to bail us out of this?”
    Alexander shakes his head, “If this doesn’t work I don’t think anything will work ever again, I had no idea that Stephen is capable of this level of power”.
    Then, Stephen’s voice cracks.  It doesn’t crack in that puberty annoying, Brady Bunch way but it is as if the fundamental idea of what a voice is got taken over the horrible star thing’s tentcle and cracked in half.  Something’s happened, something unsually bad.  The world goes from normal to something else.  Something the creature is doing.  It all goes black, the ground starts to turn red and they can start to hear the slithering of vast forms moving around looking to consume.  Here there is no stars, no light, just different stratas of darkness and an unending alien intelligence that is beyond cruelty or malevolence, its mere existence causes the destruction of all that will come near it.  It is vast impossible and yet somehow they managed to catch its atension.  Wilson shudders, “this is the place where the snake comes from there is no way we are able to excist here.  Unless…”
    Stephen’s voice takes on an air of triumph as the endless blackness becomes interlaced with our world and the sea green sky.  He starts chanting faster, and faster, then faster still.  Blood flows from his mouth and he ends up spitting out a chunk of his tongue.  As he continues to keep going.  The horrible star things begins to bend, twist and fold in on itself.  Its chanting starts to fade away growing fainter, more painful while Stephen steps up, getting closer and closer to the creature forcing it to phase out of existence in his path.  The tracing a design in the air with his arms a burning symbol of impossible signigicance lights up the sky.  Alexander, Devon, Wilson, and Jared all gasp as the recognize its signifigance and then.  The creature vanishes as the protective dome shatters.  The area within the dome is no better than a wasteland though.  Once a green verdant lawn with gardens and tasteful statues has become a blackened, cracked wasteland pocked with puddles of green liquid and tufts of scrub grass.  Then there is the smell.  If it weren’t for whatever it was that Stephen had just vomited out it would be the worse smell any of them had ever smelled. 
    Jerimia’s new found tentacle withers away and with as disappointed grunt he pulls it off, lets out a shout and a new leg sprouts from the stump.  The others look surprised as he shrugs it off, “In the super science biz you tend to loose a lot of limbs.  I can regrow them much like a lizard can!  Though much faster and the process leaves me hungry.”  From the folds of his tattered bloodstained lab coat he pull a thoroughly mashed twinkie.  Looking at it unhappily for a moment he decides that beggers can’t be choosers, rips open the wrapper and beings messily eating the mash that is inside. 
    Deven who just got done kicking hell’s newest member downstairs walks over to Stephen, “Well that is quite an impressive display of power you put on there.  What the hell did you do to it”
    Stephen smiles wanly, “First of all the next time someone sees me reaching to eat those white things, please stop me.  It isn’t part of anything it is just something unfortunate that happens.  Now, instead of answering your question I kind of want to just sit down for awhile.  I just did things I shouldn’t.  Jermimia could you please take the book?”
    Jermia eager to test out his new leg gets up and tries to run over but his newly formed bone, unable to handle his body wieght crumples underhim and he is left rolling around on the ground screaming in pain.  Unable to think of a better solution Jared runs over and cuts it off with the light saber, ashen faced Jerimia stops, “Man than thing is handy.  It burns all the neves away and it happens so fast and it is so hot that you don’t even know it was supposed to hurt.  You can have that one if you want I’ll just build another when I work out the kinks with my leg regrowth.”
    Jared beams, “Excellent!  Thankyou so much Jerimia”
    However, Jerimia isn’t listening for he has instead passed out.  Rebecca on the other hand is in the process of trying to find a way so that she can express her anger and not kill anyone.  Eventually she settles on the crockett mallet and is about to weigh in on Alexander but John Smith’s crisp, clear, cold voice snaps through the air like a crack of thunder in the middle of a snow storm, “What the hell have you all been doing?”
    Alexander, Stephen and Deven all look the guiltiest.  Thinking quickly Deven points to the eyeless, legless, still alive not a virgin and exclaims, “It is mostly her fault!”
    John rubs his temples, eyes closed, trying his best to main calm.  His long wool frock coat always seems to be moving slightly even though there is no wind.  John epitomizes all black all the time, glove, shirt, pants, belt, tie, shoes, socks.  It isn’t just any black either.  It is a rich, dark black that seems to suck you in and keep hold of you.  It doesn’t matter how hot, cold, or nice it is outside.  John covers as much of skin below the neck as possible and he’s never worn a spot of color as long as any of them have known him.  His gloved hands move back to his sides, “Alright. Does anyone wish to give me a more plausible answer?”
    Alexander steps forwards, “Well you see, Stephan, Devon and myself were going to meet here with Rececca’s permission and play poker.  But you see we got to argueing, like we do and Stephen started to claim that it is within the realm of possibility that satan is an outside creature, like his star things or Wilson’s snake god, but Devon…”
    John holds up his hand, “So the end result is that you decided to cast a spell.  Then things went wrong didn’t they?”
    Jared nods, “Well if it makes you feel better we kept the virgin” Alexander coughs, “I mean the not a virgin alive!  That means that only innocents that got killed were the people that Rebecca was raising for her new, ah shit I blew that one didn’t I?”
    “Jesus Jared were you that kid that reminded the teacher that they forgot to hand out the homework assignment or something?”
    “Oh no I was home schooled but I am sure that if I wasn’t I would have been that kid yes”
    John lets out a sigh and walks over to the not a virgin’s ravaged body.  She is indeed still alive, somehow.  Both of her legs are gone, blind, her tounge chewed apart in fear mind ravaged to the point where it might be impossible to recover.  She is one of the legendary testiments to the human race.  She survived the horror movie despite all odds, with no help or even the ability to move.  He knew that they  must have been protecting her.  They had to of been, otherwise there is no way she could of survived.  Feebly she tries to move and John experimentally puts a hand on her cheek to try to give her some comfort.  She flinches away at first but then she recovers and then she even starts to draw some measure of comfort from his touch.  Quietly he begins to sing to her, low, almost under his breath.  The others stand around him with a mix of curiosity, shame, and slight confusion.  To varying degrees they all have trouble valuing a single human life and now that they have one in front of them, one that they potentially irriverably ruined, they felt as if some unfortunate event has happened rather than a triumph of.  Well they have nothing to be triumphant about but it was a damn good dust up and more than a few of them were disappointed that they had to be burdened by feeling of guilt for someone who they largely saw as inconsequential.  She isn’t even a virgin which means she serves no more purpose than to get underfoot and make muffled background noises.  Silently Jerimia celebrates the fact that he has enough of her DNA to make him some clones.  This one is well worth putting into a vat.  She can certainly take a beating and keep on complaining.  With a few modification she and her vat sisters will be able to-
    John shoots Jerimia a withering look.  One that almost says I know what you are thinking, I can read your mind, and you are far enough off the wagon without going off and doing something like creating a clone army”
    Jermia hangs his head, “Perhaps only one clone then”
    John picks up the girl and looks to the rest of them, “Help Rebecca clean up this mess.  Also the dimensional residue is off the charts so make sure you take care of that too otherwise you will sterilize everyone in a 20 mile radius.  I will be seeing all of you at group tomarrow.  Clear?”
    Everyone else nods.  John picks up the not a virgin, “Now I am going to go see what I can do for this girl.  Hopefully I will be able to put her back right where I found her and have everything be find” and without waiting for a reply he walks off.  It feels good to walk.  In many ways walking is what John is meant to do.  His shoes click merrily over pavement, rocks, and tree roots.  Hills roll away under his easy gait and the miles do the only thing they can do when someone is walking along. 
    Singing to himself quietly slowly the girl begins to come to.  His arms support her as if she is wieghtless and that is just how she feels in them.  Not the like the other one who carried her due to his unnatural strength.  She shuddered at the memory of his skin, it felt damp and she could swear she felt things crawling inside of his arms.  No in his arms she feels as if she is floating on a cloud.  His quiet voice humming to himself he strides on.  She isn’t sure where they are.  No where she recognizes that is for sure.  It feels like she has only been walking for minutes but every time she looks around they either seem to be on a road, crossing over empty countryside, on some rolling hills, or in a deep dark forest.  Abesntly, she moves her legs around to keep the blood moving.  She doesn’t want them to fall asleep again.  Wait, she couldn’t remember if something happened to her legs or not.  Part of her remembers something.  Something like a nightmare, there was a great darkness and chanting and she couldn’t run away no matter how much she wants to because her legs are gone, replaced by.  It is all to fuzzy for her to remember.  She remembers being grabbed.  She remembers lots of arguing, and someone tripping over her while she is all tied up.  Perhaps this man is a police officer or something.  Looking up at him she doesn’t see it.  The stars looks dizzying up above.  They must be somewhere far far away from any sort of city or even a town to be able to see so many starts.   The world seems to melt past as she tries, and fails to put her world back together.  She knows she has homework to do tomarrow but she can’t remember if she did it, or even what day it is.  For a moment the thought of her homework stresses her out but surely being kidnapped and rescued by a tall dark mysterious stranger would be enough to get her an excuse.  Perhaps she will be on the news.  They are moving up a large hill now, wheat grows wildly here along with flowers and other plants she can’t really identify even though she feels that she should be able to.  On top of the hill is a massive tree.  It has to be two, three hundred years old.  If she were to hug it, 7 of her wouldn’t be able to make it all the way around the trunk.  The leafless branches seem to sway in the same lack of wind as John’s coat.
    With a grim smile he places her down at the base of the tree.  She looks around bewildered.  Everything is to jumbled up.  From somewhere in his coat John takes out an ornate blade, turning his back so that she doesn’t see he cuts arcross is hand.  Then quickly before her addled mind can realize what is going on he stabs the blade deep into the tree.  The branches begin moving faster and blood begins to flow down the tree trunk from the wound John left in it.  John let his blood mix with the tree’s blood.  For a moment the girl doesn’t know to be scared until a drop hits her on the head.  Then it is to late.  It happens all at the same time and in a blink of an eye it is over.  Not even her cloths remain.  They get sent down to the roots with all the others, where the white men dwell deep within the earth sorting all the lost things that drift to them from time to time.  John waits patiently for a minute then two, then thirty until finally a single red blood blossoms on one of the uppermost branches.  He smiles quietly and starts to walk back.  There is a meeting to get to.

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