Monday, July 26, 2010

M&M session 4 post game

Well that was interesting. I think this is the closest I've ever come to running a traditional dungeon. I don't really do dungeons, I think they are boring to run. This one though went absolutely swimmingly and I think once I run M&M a few more times I will become even more comfortable with it. I am getting close to revealing the big bad of the campain and pretty soon afterwards I want to have my first mega battle that will signifigantly raise the stakes of the whole campain. But before I do that, I need to make sure that I get the rules down pretty solidly.

Les see some knee jerk stuff

-One I need to make sure that when I have a villian dealing with a crowd of people that I bring tokens to represent a crowd of people. This way the players will be able to better see who needs saving what is going to happen when you save them and what targets are needed to prioritize.

-Two I am a little disapointed in myself that Tesla's personality didn't quite come through enough. I did a pretty good job and more than one player commented that the last fight felt like something out of a video game which is exactly what I was going for. The whole session was video game themed and the players picked up on it pretty quickly and they seemed to dig it which makes me unsually happy and the last boss fight went very well and they picked up on what was going on very well.

-Three Best villian escape ever. Let my grandpa go or the puppy gets it.

-Four now that I kidnapped the players I need to take steps to ensure that they won't be able to be caputured in the same way again. This is going to be hard because Tyson won't be there. Man it is a weird day when Tyson becomes unusually pivitol. I guess I'll just have Jason figgure it outm, that IS what he is there for. Essentially the lasers attuned the electrical impulses in their brains to make sure

-Five. I need to explain to them that storing villians in the super hero base is a bad idea. More or less dead=imprisoned=escaped to live another day. These people are going to make it back into the game if I want them to. When they do come back it is a matter of how much destruction is going to happen. For example if I let them capture Tesla all would of been okay for awhile until they come home to find their base turned into a massive death trap. Fun for me but just to make sure we are all on the same page.

-Six. I totally forgot to hint at the Nazi connection. Shit. Which means I HAVE to do it next game session or else it will break the flow of the campain. Damnit. I am not happy about that one.

-Seven. I need to do something with Jame's company Shangri La and everything. I think I will tie all that together along with Sparkles needing the player's help. That will work. I am not sure if I am going to introduce Jesus or not yet. I think I want to save him for later, and I think he is going to be Jason's arch nemisis. That makes the most sense actually. So right now I need to make a sort of villian for James. I do want this game session to involve Jame's company directly though so I guess it is time to switch to session notes.

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