Monday, November 1, 2010

Swizzle sticks

Well aren't we off to a great start? I totally left my notbook for the novel at home. And I think I left my pen at home too. God damnit. Oh well I have some more stuff for the outline that I would be writting out right now but instead I have to type it.

For somereason I HATE typing notes.

Okay okay, so there will be a trip to china to see a secret society of Shalin Monks. I don't know who the monks will be against directly. I am thinking the mad scientst, or maybe the devil worshiper. I can't decide right now. I am thinking mad scientist though he would be better at waxing poetic about the conflics of the past. I don't know who he will bring with him, anyone except the sommerite and the techno guy.

Oh yeah I want the monks to have all suicided.

It can't be the scientist that goes because he gets called in to check out the scene and ascertain causes of death

The leader fakes an explanation as to the fact that they all just moved super secret locations

The leader then finds out that this is the truth.

This can not be the first even it has to come later.

I also really want to do a random guy walking into their meeting He is going to kick off the dad thing for one of the charecters.

Oh and scooping souls out of coma pacients so that they can cure the erectile dysfunction of one of the charecters. Cause that is just messed up. I wonder whoes boner will be broken and the reason he will want it back? It might be the snake guy needing it after getting to the second date with someone! DONE!

I want someone somewhere to miss their dad and reunite with him. I should do that for myself.

THis whole thing might end up being really heart wrenching and sad.

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