Friday, July 30, 2010

[M&M] Session 4.5 post game

I don't really call it session five mostly because it was short and mostly because I spent half of it trying to fix a mistake I made. See here is the problem. During the previous game session I was supposed to drop a hint somehow, somewhere involving the great threat that is coming for the world of the heros. I didn't do it. I forgot to say one sentence and I ended up bolloxing up a whole bunch of stuff. So this game session I needed to establish the threat then give the players something to do. So I decided to make the focus around Jame's company and work to distinguish the differences between ShangriLa and the companies that inhabit ShangriLa. I did that a little bit and I plan on explanding on that for next game session. So the next game session will have all sorts of crap involving Jame's company too., and it will give them a chance to see what the ShangriLa secret police is all about.

This game session also marks the first time where they have actually beaten down and solidly captured a villian. This is good and I like this. I want a repeat of this for the next game session which will be more or less a direct continuation of this one. I think what I will have happen is have Sparkles show up near the end of things with her puppy and her being her. I might have them dick around for a bit. NO WAIT, she will have figgured out a way to track the Nazi's but she needs some specialized equipment that only the super science community is going to have. Mostly because it is fun and interesting. On their way to gether up parts that is when the Dolphins will show up and that is how the game session will end. Then we can pick it up next week with a knockdown drag out fight that will go across multiple maps, and a bunch of other things. I might alter the villian device rules. THe diffrenrence between just plain old disarming and knocking out a bloke works if you are a hero but if you are a villian there should be a third option. Not that it matters for the Dolphins they are going to be encased in armor. Heh nazis.

This will hopefully give things traction and move things forwards. I think After I introduce the Dolphins and they sucessfully rescue Tesla then we will be at a decent break point and maybe I'll let James take a crack at things. So we got things in motion that will keep them busy for at least 4 more game sessions maybe less. Since James is very reliable I am going to increase his level of protagonization and really start getting some milage out of his charecter. Continuity wise I am in a MUCH better position than the last game I was in which is nice. And the next game session should move fowards much smoother.

I want to do something special with that mall too. I am so having it attacked again. In the future I think I am going to have the Circ Du Strange's secret base in the middle of that mall.

Okay over and out!

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