Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Outline of Sorts

I am just to fried to do coherent creative sentences at the momet. So I am going to do an outline of something.

Genre: Modern Day Pulp

Antagonists: Nazis, Scientologists, Reploids in that order.


-A dashing english professor who ends up making ties to an international Reploid conspiracy.

-An extrodinarly Jaded grad student

-A nun

- A Crusading reporter

-Ex CIA Goat Starer

Intro- This is pulp damnit! Start with a bang. Introduce the main charecter and the grad student as they are running away from Nazis. They will both be armed, make a moderatly sized humerouse deal about that. Have the situation resolved, set up a Midboss, between the protagonist and one of the nazis and they make a nice harrowing escape to the...

-Crusading reporter's house. This guy is half for real reporter, half consipracy nut, part survivalist. They go to him for both help and answers and they get some.

-Nazi's having retreated to South America have secretly built a power base there. They own several companies and own controlling shares in several major international corportations. They are so deep under ground that just about no one knows of their excistence. They were the major funding behind Pablo Escobar and they do their utmost to keep whole regions destabalized to mask their actions. As late it seems they have been running into som opposition.

-Reporter hides them at a church not to far off for the time being. Enter nun. Since there needs to be moar action they are simply not hidden well enough and they are attacked yet again from within the church. That gets burned to the ground (like they do) but the two heros+nun escape. Oh at some point she stops and prays during a fire fight. I want that to happen earlyer than later.

-They hook back up with the reporter who is on the run for diffrent reasons and the lot of them fuck off to south america because it is exotic and there are nazis there. I <3 nazies.

- This isn't my nano book.

- Once in South America they try hinding out in a village that the nun knows of. There they find out that there is a shadow war being waged by Nazis (who have ALL SORTS of cool shit) and another unknown force. The nazis are now currently trying to dig up all sorts of weird shit again to help out. Azetc stuff.

-K I don't know shit about the Aztecs but I do know they have a bunch of snake god things so that will make sense once the reploids are revealed. That will happen latter. Right now the main players decide to get proactive on some nazi ass. Woo!

-Nun tags along. The group of them hook up with some gurilla freedom fighters and they do their best to lay down a can of wompass on them Nazi scum! Do they suceed? Sorta. I think they are going to make off with at least one Mcguffin though.

-As a result things shift back to America where they try to figgure out where the other soldiers are coming from (Scientology). They get it. Have the nazi's have all sorts of batshit occult/gothic science sort of things, whereas the Scientologists will have weird bio-organic hybrids and ray guns.

-Oh the shadow was is gonna become a public was and I am bringing this shit up to 11 on the epic level don't worry. But that is enough for now.

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